What new reptiles have you bought recently?

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You all know that that’s just the normal pattern, right? This is a normal pied with 3 “faces” and a 4th “big fat face”. I did not name him Facey McFatFace. :laughing:

The emoji snake that Kobylka popped out did not have a normal pied “face”. I guess that’s what’s being referenced? Just Google “emoji snake” and you’ll see the difference.


I’m sure they are aware but just because Justin produced his emoji snake doesn’t mean that we cannot talk about the faces on other snakes.

No name yet. I’m absolutely useless at that stuff.

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One of those things have nothing to do with the other. There is no implication that Justin’s snake invalidated the “face-y-ness” of others. I’m sure everyone is aware.

The point there, to be clear, was to avoid a conversation akin to “Is your dalmation named spot?” for obvious reasons like:

I guess you’ve volunteered to name him Worry Face or something. :laughing: If you get a low pattern pied sibling they’ll have to be No Face Killer.

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I might be blind, but I do not see 3 faces on your normal. :upside_down_face:

It’s probably because it isn’t the best picture. :slight_smile:

One is near the thumb, the other is near the index, his face is resting on one, and you can see the “mouth” in the background of the fat face.

Some pieds have “bite marks” and others have little faces. It’s just the normal pattern. Look at others on MorphMarket. :slight_smile:

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This is the type of stuff we need here:wink:

Variations and different lines…
Justin’s selective breeding to create a “emoji” line is a perfect example.

@jkobylka any chance you could give us a short story of the process?.. It’s worth a shot.

That’s a long conversation, yeah? Then there’s another decade of Grails and Gene-X and Batmans and and and… I remember trying to start a Gene-X thread not long ago that died. Maybe a new thread is better? You can probably email Justin directly for a quote. He also has some YouTube videos out covering Gene-X and emoji snake.

“Just” an albino pied. A beautiful one. :slight_smile:

There’s no doubt that JKR has some amazing projects and there’s also no doubt the snake anyone posted is beautiful. A couple searches on MorphMarket will produce all the pied smiley faces, jack-o’-lanterns, etc that can appear that are all waiting to be named “pumpkinbum”, though. :slight_smile:

I want to see some new animals and I’m sure people posting want to be seen! :slight_smile:

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I plan on living a long time to have them conversations :grin: the more stories we can get about how each line came about the better the encyclopedia is overall.

It’s one thing looking up the differences/genes in your pet, it’s a completely different level to be able to read the story of how it came about, the process, successes, failures, hunting for a specific mate.

I’ll give emailing him a shot. :+1:


My newest reptile purchase, a male juvi Gargoyle gecko from the Gargoyle Queen. He has been named Wedge.


My new ball python


Let’s play a game of guess the white snakes parents :grin:


My new het clown girl! (Yes she’s in shed currently) she is sitting around 2k grams.


I got this guy off a local for sale page. Low white, but he was a steal! He is a late 2017. In shed now. Will post new pics when he sheds. Love this site!


My newest colubrid. Baby albino corn het scaless I just got today. Trying to make scaless corns in the future!


Dude she is gorgeous.

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Thanks! She is only a little baby but even now she is super friendly and a great eater. She ate the very same day

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Couldn’t help myself and picked up 2 more girls at the weekend. Pic 1 is a f fire pinstripe pos het clown (THAT HEAD STAMP!) Pic 2 is a f enchi het clown. Thanks karl.


Definitely going to work clown gene into my breeding pool. Have you seen the Pompeii morph? Amazing!

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Yes buddy, clown on steroids… lush :ok_hand:

Eagle… I’m guessing lesser to lesser

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