What new reptiles have you bought recently?

This is mainly so I can show off the 2 new boys I’m getting from our very own grumpy smurf @martin_ender :grin::blush::grin: (turns out he’s not so grumpy and actually one of the nicest and most helpful people I have ever done business with :exploding_head: ).

What new reptiles have you guys got recently?

Here they are:

1.0 Pinstripe het Lavender Albino. 1579701367033_1579701363280_1.0 Pin het. Lavender Tom Eagle

1.0 Banana/CG het Axanthic VPI 50% possibly het Clown. 1579701368658_1.0 Banana het VPI Tom Eagle.2



This pewter girl, which I stuffed with a few rats to fatten her up (she took 2 small rats at once… I was surprised!) and since I felt follicles in her, decided to put my butter spinner boy in with her…


They successfully locked up for around 10-12 hours I think :joy:
Excited to see how this goes, since that’s 5 genes at play… so many combo possibilities!


1.1 northern white lip pythons
0.1 hypo Brazilian Rainbow boaba9ead24c8720908b4b9288a4f868d5c.0


Welcome to the ball python club :grin:



I have technically bought this little one!

This one isn’t mine just yet: still with the previous owner for a little bit. I’m looking forward to owning a short tailed python again.


Just waiting for the weather to warm up enough for shipping to be safe! She may not look like much, but she’s 100% het sunset. The little stuttered pattern down her tail is lovely! I love that autumn color sunsets give off; while she grows, I’ll be on the look out for any single dominant gene males carrying sunset. Can’t wait to meet her!



Got this new little girl. Eventually gonna be bred to my male Tessera to hopefully get something amazingly rad. Even if I don’t though this girl is wonderful already.


@asura They’re awesome :+1: I’m sure you’ll enjoy herIMG_20200123_120457


@eaglereptiles are those your first BPs?

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1.1 White Sided Rat Snakesimage image image image 1.1 Snow Paradox sand boas


This was my first ball python:

Female Enchi

These are number 2 & 3 :grin:
I’ve got boa Constrictors aswel but these are the beginning of my python collection :blush:


Congrats on the new additions! Are you planning on breeding?

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I’ve actually been breeding Kenyan Sand Boas for the past 11 years, off and on. I’m still trying to decide if I want to pair up the white sided black rats when they’re fully grown


That’s awesome. We are just starting our breeding journey. Growing up all our girls (corns and Sands) right now since it wasn’t in the cards to get anything close to adults… You should totally breed the black rats at least once. Just to say you did. They are all gorgeous!


Same her. Also having breeding plans. Still growing up our ball python girls with plans for breeding next year. Our oldest girl is now big enough but because she just turned two last month I want to the give her some extra time to mature and get enough time to prepare myself.

We also have kind off…a new addition to our household. A small male snow motley cornsnake

I didn’t really wanted a cornsnake because the babies are so small and fragile and I have a bad reputation on the escaping side, but I have a friend who always buy’s and sells reptiles and reptile equipment. He bought one of those cheap pakket deals with terrariums, three cornsnakes, incubator ect ect and this little guy was part of the deal. When I saw him he looked so cute. almost like a muscular rainworm with his little pink body. Then my friend gave me an offer I couldn’t refuse. I could get him almost for free. So since he was going to be sold anyway, I considered I might as well give him a good start at life myself and get the experience of seeing such a small boy grow and then sell him when he is older and stronger. At least that is the plan. But now my son already named him, and it is a very cute little snake :sweat_smile:. I hope considering space I keep to my plan, but it will not be the easiest thing to do. For now we at least enjoy this little boy and take care he will become a nice healthy strong snake.


Congrats Tom! I’m so happy for you to have finally got some balls haha. But in all seriousness I’m definitely excited to see how you build your collection and I’m wishing you nothing but success man!


Thank you a awful lot Nathan :grin:. I have the best team I could possibly ask for to help me along the way, you guys.


Congrats on a corn! It’s hard not to fall in love with those tiny little faces, big eyes, and pretty patterns. They are tiny snakes with huge personality. Having had mostly Itty bitty babies I can say they aren’t as fragile as it would seem.

And there is such a thing as “sausage pinkies” if you are feeding f/t mice. Just snip the limbs off with a good pair of scissors or a knife. Helps the baby corn get down the so much bigger food item without getting hung up on pesky limbs. I’ve also had no trouble switching all of my snakes (so far) over to rats. Course they won’t get big enough for ball python sized rats but still…


You are very welcome! I like to think we are a giant reptile family. We build eachother up and give eachother a hand whenever needed


Though I’m still patiently waiting their arrival, I purchased this Zebrabee (VPI axanthic, patel spider) and clown male! Cant wait to see them in person.