What’s Coming And MorphMarket NFS

I can’t wait :grin:


I’d love to be able to but as I’ve learnt in the past, setting estimated deadlines causes the bugs to come out of the closet :sweat_smile:


Will there be a trial of it before it launches?


I’ve actually been needing this lately. Does it have push notifications? CAN’T WAIT


Likely for a small group of Beta testers for a short while before it drops.

This will be integrated into MorphMarket, which we are working on Push notifications for… so extremely likely.

Breeders will also be able to showcase their entire collections, not just what they have for sale.

What is everyone’s favourite features of their current software/system?

What do you wish it had?

What do you wish was easier?

Throw out some wild ideas guys! We might not get them added in the initial release but this will be a ever growing project, so we appreciate any feedback.


Sometimes it can be hard when you have so many setups you need to keep clean and fed, and some may be on different schedules. Maybe reminders for misting, feeding, or cleaning? Seems sorta basic but to have everything like this in one place would be easier.


What I want the most out of a software is that it’s easy to use. I don’t mind having to spend some time setting settings and everything but I would like to have a bulk feeding feature, I’m not going to use something that I have to manually enter everything into for every animal every time I feed. I would also like a quick way to view lineages and previous feedings. Another thing that would be nice is having a way to show certain things (like lineages and information on parents) to the public. If I’m selling at expos it would be very nice just to have people scan a QR code and instantly be able to see the lineages (something where they could download that would be amazing). It would also help prevent people from forgetting the morph and help provide them with valuable information later (maybe even a way to contact them if needed; eg the parent has a pos het proved out, has a problem that could be genetic, or some snakes test positive for a disease or mites show up a week later).

I know that this isn’t reasonable anytime soon but I think it would be amazing in the future.


I love this, it could be as simple as selecting the feeding setting, and scanning the animals QR code, and it will update that it was fed the saved food item.


QR code would be great. Hubby is terrible at filling in our current app and it takes sooooooo long. Would be great if could select multiple reptiles for the same thing like who fed.

I would love to see something like a calendar for things that I keep track of already… such as incubation days or days since last feed. Could have a reminder too

I use a calendar on my phone to keep track of when paired, ovulated, laid and hatched. Would be cool if could somehow have it link straight to certain reptiles :grin:


This would be awesome too. It would be nice to have something that reminds you when eggs are close to hatching, a female is going to lay soon, quarantine is over for a reptile, etc.


I would love for it to include trackable breeding options. I currently use iherp for all of my tracking and I do like that site, but it’s not particularly mobile friendly.

If you need people for beta testing, I am happy to volunteer!


I agree, if needed I can help too!


I’ll also volunteer for beta testing! I can’t wait for this! This is a game changer for sure


I would love it to! (though I am probably going to help lol)


I would also test! You’ve gotta have tons of people asking to try it out, but if there is an open spot I would be happy to try it :slight_smile:


I think most people would like to try it out :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Keeping it easy and simple While having lots of features would be key.

I’d suggest to try to get as many features on it before it goes live. We’ve tried a few apps and they haven’t been easy to use and it’s put us off, regardless of if it’s new, people may get out off.

I love to keep things organised and I’m sure I’m not the only one, esp with sales. So to have all information in one place would really help. I currently use a spreadsheet for any sales and keep a pic folder for sold reptiles.

I also use a website to showcase our reptiles, having all this in one place would certainly help!

Would there be a fee or would it be included in certain packages! Don’t need to answer, just throwing it out there

Good luck with this project :crossed_fingers::grin:


Hi guys, love the excitement here.

There are many features mentioned above. We are working or planning on working on most all of that.

Regarding timeline, our goal is to have NFS 1.0 out within a couple weeks. This will provide the ability to add animals to the system which are… not for sale… and showcase them on your ad page, as well as as parents on the ads of babies. Along with a whole new inventory system (you can try that right now) which will make managing all that information easier than now.

From there, we’ll keep adding features.


I’m interested in seeing how this plays out. I don’t plan on posting snakes for sale until they are a certain weight and are ready to be shipped. With you be able to manually update these instead of them automatically being updated after so and so many days?


I will tag @eaglereptiles and see if he can explain it better.


I also would eventually love to see the option for sellers to have two prices visible on an ad. A purchase plan and a paid in full option. Maybe be a premium seller feature down the road.