What’s your favorite. Fired up or down?

Hey everyone!

It’s been a while since my girl has been this pale color, and it just made me wonder… do any of you have a favorite color phase that your geckos are in? Whether it be fully fired up, fired down, somewhere in the middle.

For me; it’s when she’s fired so far down she has a grey/white coloration, and then has so much yellow popping. It’s one of the main reasons I got her. It’s hard to find much good yellow on gargoyles out there.


Depends on my Geckos,

I prefer many fired down as shows their pink/lav colours, or shows their red spots amazing.
And others I prefer fired up as shows their black colour!

It would take a while to list all mine and if I prefer fired up or down. But it’s definitely different for each one! :heart_on_fire:


I am planning on getting a gargoyle this weekend at the expo!!! I am so excited!! :blush:


Yay! That’s exciting. Any specific color/pattern you’re looking for? Or just whatever happens to speak to you when you find some?


Pretty much yes I am just going to see what I find. I’m still putting together the enclosure…. :joy:


That’s awesome! Will this be your first lizard/gecko? I can’t remember all what you have, but I was under the impression you mostly had snakes.

I love gargoyles!! They have such cute faces, even by gecko standards. And I love their colours. When I went to the Pomona expo, there was a guy sitting next to us on the tram back to the parking lot that had a beautiful gargoyle he’d purchased.


I believe that she also has a crested gecko. Can’t wait to see it @caron!


This won’t be my first lizard (crestie) but it will be my first gargoyle gecko! I have been going back and forth between a fat tail and a gargoyle and I decided on a gargoyle.

A friend of mine breeds them and will have a selection at the expo this Sunday. But he is going to send me some pictures before then. He said his babies eat Pangea right out of the egg almost so I know they are eating well.

It’s going to be like 4 degrees here Sunday (high) so I am kinda concerned about bringing one home from the expo in case I have car trouble and the poor thing could freeze to death so I might just meet him at the small pet store where he is one of the managers next week….

Anyhoo I will have pictures hopefully soon…… :pray::heart:


Another thing you can do is pick out your gecko, pay for it and go start your car. Let us warm up and then run in quickly to grab it. You can pick it out and pay for it at the beginning of the expo and then just do the quick dash to start your car at the end so you don’t have to leave early or anything.