What should I look for as a starting breeder?

I really want to start breeding crested geckos, and I wondering what you guys think are some good morphs to start with? I love the looks of lilly whites, but I’m not sure if I can afford a nice one for a while. What morphs do you guys recommend for a beginner?

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Are you uk or us?

As atm market isn’t great Breeding here in the uk.

Definitely look for higher end, and with lineage. Lilly whites are now everywhere, they’re beautiful but everyone jumped on that band wagon!

Try to avoid spots unless working with dals/super dals id say, as when adding spots into tricolours say, then selling can be an issue, as not many like ‘messy cresties’ x


I am in the Us.
What is higher end?

High end cresties, with lineage.
Ideally from known breeders!

It’s not essential as I have some with no lineage at all that many people ask me for, but I would go for higher end if breeding!
Structure too, make sure it’s perfect, big heads, no tiny or inverted heads. Vibrant colours if you can, but it really depends on what you like and want?

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Ah, nice!
What is the thing with tiny heads? I have one, and my family always says that he looks better than my other crestie with a normal head. Is it just conformation, or is there like negative health stuff with smaller heads?

No negative effects. It’s just not what breeders want. Big head structures are a must if your planning to sell or your limiting your market. And I agree with no spots unless you’re working specifically with spots.

I agree from a will known breeder of possible and definitely lineage! I have some without any lineage, not planning to breed then but they were awesome and I may change my mind in future provided they are paired with a gecko with strong lineage.

Lilly whites are super cheap in UK ATM.

People want big heads on Cresties that’s all, small heads aren’t desirable really.

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Even without lineage, pairing to one with, the babies have lineage.

My dark girls here don’t have lineage but I’m still going to be breeding as darks are something I’m working on my own line of, which is also a bonus being able to put my name to something!

So think of it that way also, it’s not a bad thing.

People just like having lineage.


Yep I totally agree. I have no intention of breeding the ones without lineage but that’s because I’m working on other projects. I bought them because I wanted them as pets. But doesn’t mean I won’t breed them in future.

I still go for good head structure as I think they look much nicer, however that’s a preference. I do have a brindle with small ISH head structure. She is pet only as she freaked out when I tried to breed her

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Thank you all for your replies, it helps a ton!


Glad we could help. If you need any further help, just ask

Please send pics of what you get :relaxed:

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I will! Once I get it lol.


Yes! Big big heads! The better structure, the better! And long fringe on the head and lats/dorsal!

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I’m still working on figuring out exactly what I want, but I found a nice looking Lilly white that’s in my area, so I might end up getting it. Only problem is that to get it I would have to rehome at least one, if not both of the geckos I have right now. I am very conflicted about what I want to do, since I love the geckos I have, but both are pet quality. One of them is super cool looking (Dark Harlequin dalmation, which I know isn’t as desirable because of the spots) but the other has a super nice personality (dark phantom dalmation, small head) I want to keep the phantom, because he’s just super sweet, and would make a great pet. I don’t feel as bad about selling the other one, because it isn’t as chill, and while it’s pretty, it’s not exactly desirable. It is my first gecko though, which is why I feel bad about it…

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I’m not a fan of getting rid of a gecko to get another gecko.

Don’t get me wrong, I have sold geckos because they are no longer what I want. But I was sure that we weren’t a fit together. I have one gecko here that absolutely hates me but his everything I wanted in looks and I spent years saving for him. Unless I can get him comfy, he won’t be staying as I want geckos I can connect with & for him to feel safe… More than a gecko for looks. But I will be breeding him first.

Personally I would save for more enclosures then look into getting the geckos you want to breed further down the line.

Breeding crested geckos is expensive and will take a fair bit of time & space.

I spent many years owning geckos before looking into breeding them.

This is just my opinion, but I have seen ppl rush into breeding and drop it almost instantly because of cost, time or space that’s required.

Unfortunately It’s more that I’m not allowed to purchase more geckos until I get rid of some of the ones I have, or I wouldn’t really be considering getting rid of mine.

Okay, if your limited to (eg) 2 then how do you plan on breeding?

I’m currently just planning on getting younger geckos, and raising them to be my breeders once I’m able to house a lot more.