What should I look for when picking out a juvenile sunglow/junglow?

If I want a sunglow/junglow that will have bright red saddles as an adult, should I pick a juvenile with bright red saddles, or dark brownish saddles? Do brown saddles fade into bright red saddles as they age, or do they stay brownish?

How does adult coloration differ between sunglows and junglows? (I’m not talking about pattern, only coloration)

Also, do you prefer Kahl, or Sharp sunglows/junglows? Why?

Is there anything else to look for?


Hey, brown tends to orange out, you definitely want to look for a baby that already has the reds you want. Jungles tend to be brighter and more clean. I prefer and breed mostly sharps, but there are some really nice kahls out there too.

Look for a baby that is well established, at the very least 4 weeks of consistent eating. I’m trying to think of anything else lol.


Thank you! i’ll definitely be on the lookout for bright red specimen!

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Get the high red stuff! Pattern is good too!