What should I put in these tanks?

Hey all,

I have a few ball pythons who will be outgrowing their current houses in the near future, and I’d like some advice on who/what can move into their current houses, preferably long term.

I have a 10"x12"x20" glass aquarium (~10 gallons) (currently empty), a 12"x15"x24" glass aquarium (~18 gallons), and two 12"x12"x20" plastic tubs (~12 gallons). What can comfortably live in these houses through adulthood? I don’t mind keeping a baby in a smaller container for a little while too.

All of these set ups are pretty minimal at the moment, but I’d be interested in making bio active enclosures for a long-term inhabitant. Particularly for the glass aquariums, I’d be interested in using the tank as a base to build off of, but I’ve never made an enclosure before so I would appreciate a link to a good tutorial! I’m reasonably crafty, just new to building enclosures.

I’m particularly interested in crested geckos, sand boas, and hognoses, so I’d appreciate some feedback on which of those might be happy in these enclosures and what would be a good second species (so far, I’ve only kept ball pythons). I’m open to suggestions too, for something small, attractive, and easy to keep in a bioactive enclosure.

Thank you for the advice! Here’s a snoot pic of one of the girls who’s getting ready to move:


If you are open to ideas then maybe a Mexican black King snake? They are great eaters, but do outgrow smaller habitats. Maybe a hognose, they are good eaters in my experience and they stay a decently small size. Love the picture :heart:

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I don’t think any of them are appropriate for an adult MBK. But, they are SO adorable, it would be worth the new tank as they grow!


None of the animals you’ve listed would be appropriate for long term keeping, but I recommend looking into different types of dart frogs! Due to the small size thumbnail darts like those in the Ranitomeya and Oophaga genus could work.


Ooh, I like dart frogs! That could work!

Thanks for the advice; I had a feeling the tanks would be too small. I’ve thought about using the glass tanks as a waterproof base/footprint for a larger DIY enclosure, but we’ll see how ambitious I get!


For 10, pacman frog, axolotl, web footed gecko, ring necked snake, african dwarf frog, dekay’s brownsnake if you’re a bit more experienced, or pictus gecko. or, you can flip it on it’s side to make it arboreal, and put something like and electric blue day gecko or american green tree frog. not sure what to put in the rest though, sry.

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