What should we get

So, my 13 year old daughter and me are looking for an animal for her. We have decided down to 3:

  1. A Argintine Tegu (preferably albino)
  2. a lechianus gecko
  3. A blue tounged skink (Northern)

My daughter, Isabelle, got an ackie moniter earlier this year, which has morphed more into a family pet, though he still lives in her room and she loves him and takes care of him great. She can handle a large reptile and I’m fully confident (because she has proven in past experiences) that whatever animal we do get, she is ready to yield the full responsibility of its care. If you guys have any new suggestions or think one of these would be better than another, let me know please. Thank You!

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Definitely not a tegu, they are not a safe pet for a child. They get big fast and require an experienced keeper to train them so they don’t take your fingers off when they are older. Even when you do train them, they still have a chance of doing serious damage if they suddenly snap. I say the skink is the best of these 3 for a someone so young. Especially if she is being given sole responsibility of it. Tegu are also illegal in Florida btw.


Yes, I’m aware of the fact they are illegal. It would be a pet for her biological father’s house up in Tennessee. Thank you for your ideas!