What snake is this

So I was at work and we found this snake not sure if it’s a corn snake because of its head pattern and eyes , could it have been a rattlesnake or copperhead ?


It looks to be a massasauga rattlesnake, what area are you in?

Santa Barbara, Ca
Los padres national forest

That’s what I thought because someone said it was a corn snake but the patterns and eyes don’t match up

It looks to be a Southern Pacific Rattlesnake, I’m pretty sure it’s a rattlesnake but I’m not totally sure what kind, this is the closest I can find.

Alright thank you I appreciate it we been finding lots of these babies

This animal is not a rattle snake. It is a Hypsiglena ochrorhyncha, aka night snake

There are two sub-species that can be found in Los Padres, from the looks of it, this is H. o. klauberi, the San Diego night