What snake you looking to buy for your collection?

Hi folks just a wee topic ,thought I’d see what snakes/genetics folk are looking to add to there collection , I’ve got 2 males so looking to add two females ,I really like clowns and leopards and have been looking at a few on morphmarket and the two that caught my eye are these two .

I would go with 100% het clown if you are looking to go that route…or DEFINITLEY a visual…the het works just like the visual and a few extra dollars goes a long way 2-3 years from now…you’ll kick yourself if it doesnt prove out

I agree with @brozzo1011. If I had to choose between the two I would go with the second.

Cheers buddy appreciate I know how to keep them happy and the boys are growing fine ,shedding eating pooing etc , so I’m just getting into the research on the genetics so don’t know a lot just bits I’ve been reading , yeah I’m defo going doing the the leopard clown route as I really like them , so if I’m right the second one being a leopard clown will pass they traits onto the off spring ? But they would be non visual ie hets of the leopard clown unless she was bred to a leopard clown male then I could get visuals from the offspring ?

Yeah that’s the plan I’m hoping she’s not sold in the next few weeks as I have got cash there for the first one but the other ones a grand on top that. But with being Xmas be few weeks before got the extra cash for her

You could see if that breeder would work with you and let you put a deposit down. It never hurts to reach out and ask :slight_smile:

Yeah was thinking that myself

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Banna enchi 100% het clown for me next

So I can produce (well hopefully get ) bannan enchi clow

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Nice I’ve got to banana boys

Hey bud…I’m all about the people who will stay in this and trust me more than anyone trying to sell sumpin…take the shotcut over the long haul…and males ESPECIALLY do not need to be rushed…you can buy q male after christmas and HE WILL BE READY…especially a LEO CLOWN or a LEO het CLOWN…thats a hot item right now and there will be a shit tom of em now and within the next 4 months…NEVER RUSH ON A MALE