What the heck morph is this?

So I have a weird baby in my clutch and I have no idea what morph it is! It looks like an albino but it’s eyes are almost grey???
Mom is a caramel het for albino and anery, dad is an anery tessera het for albino, hypo and motley.
Any clues as to what this little one is?



Yeah that’s definitely unusual! I would like to see it again after its first shed.

Love the pattern on the top of his/her(?) head!

Wow, it sort of looks like some Lavender Motleys I have hatched in the past, but is clearly expressing tessera. Maybe lavender tessera, but it looks more like lavender, tessera and motley, to me. Can you post a pic of the ventral scales/belly, or tell us what it looks like, if not? I’m very intrigued. My guess as to the mystery component is Lavender. If so, lucky you! Regardless, lucky you!

Keep us posted! Awesome look to it.

Sorry, baby NOT cooperating!


Looks like at least some checking, which means no motley expression, likely. Really strange coloration! You have a really cool little weirdo there!

I’m wondering if this could be an Albino Hypo aka Hybino.


Would a hybino have eyes like that?

And then there’s this one! Maybe a hypo? Or a caramel?
Here’s the one normal so far:

What is going on with this clutch??


Occasionally corn snakes can hatch out without their full coloration. I had one baby hatch a few years ago that I would have sworn was a granite, but after its first shed, it completely lost all the grays and ended up being a bloodred. I’ve also seen amels that hatched out looking exactly like snows and then gotten the typical amel coloration after the first shed. So I bet they are going to look a lot different after their first sheds.


Well I will definitely be keeping them for a bit to see how they color out!
Thanks for the help everyone!


Can you get clear pictures of the eyes? I’d like a better idea of the pupil coloring. It might be an ultramel tessera, or a hypo tessera–hypo is a pretty common gene so it may very well be a hidden het in the mother.

It’s not anything amel-, anery-, or lavender-based as the eyes are the wrong color, and the side pattern is too broken up for a motley tessera.

It looks a bit like this ultramel tessera we produced a couple years ago. This is her post-hatch, pre-first-shed pic for comparison with your baby. :slight_smile: What do you think?


That first baby looks like maybe a hypo tessera (need to see more pics of the head, face, and the eyes) and the second one is a normal. :slight_smile:

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Thanks, I’ll get more macro pics of the face and eyes in the morning.
The father is het for hypo so that is a distinct possibility!
I’ve just never seen a hypo hatchling before :slight_smile:

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Pretty light for a hypo, at least in my experience, but that seems likely. Corns often have unknown hets, and I mean OFTEN.

Ok, so I finally got some more (better) pics, the little goober still hasn’t shed.
Sorry I’ve been moving 13 horses, 3 goats, and 3 cats (and all of the equipment that goes with them!) All week!!


Such a BIG head on a rail thin body lol Cute!