What to breed a Goldenchild Cow to?

Sorry for the newbie genetics question, but can you breed a goldenchild cow retic to anything to get more cows, or does it only work with a phantom to OGS?


Phantom and ogs make cows, since yours is a cow you would need a phantom or ogs mate for sure, for a chance at more cows. Also it is wise not to breed to another goldenchild, super gc can have issues. Also welcome to the community, and there is no bad question. How else can everyone learn, if it’s not asked? There is also a ever evolving genetic calculator to help with pairings as well.


Thanks So much!! So if I have a male goldenchild cow, I should look for a female OGS or phantom without Goldenchild. Do you think there is a general preference for the non-cow offspring of this pairing, e.g. pair with a phantom female because the non-cows visual phantoms might be more sought after than the OGS? Or is it just personal preference?


Just to clarify, you can also use a snake that is het orange ghost stripe but using a visual orange ghost stripe will double the amount of offspring that are cows. You could also use a super phantom to double the amout of cows compared to using a phantom. As far as what non visual cows are more saught after, just do what makes you happy and what lines up with your breeding plans. Do you want to see super phantom or OGS as another morph in the clutch?


Yes @amretics is right! I just suggested a visual of either phantom or ogs to have good odds, a super phantom would be great as well! As for non cow offspring, I would probably do ogs because I like the way ogs and ogs, goldenchilds look- but that is just my personal preference.


I love retics and this is just my personal opinion sunfire and tiger combos in cows are really cool as well as in ogs bur other than that platinum is cool to good luck