What to breed with blizzard leopard gecko

I currently have a younger blizzard female(may be wrong on morph) and would like to try breeding once she’s old enough, what sort of options should I be looking at to create a specific morph in children? Picture below of female.


I am sure others like @westridge and @mblaney will chime in on this as well. If you do not 100% know the morph, genetics, and history of the gecko it should not be bred. This means you would have needed one from a reliable breeder. There is no way to get a specific morph in her offspring if you don’t know exactly what genetics she has. Every offspring you get from her would need to be sold as pet only, and you would also need to prepare to keep all the offspring as many don’t want unknown genetics in their animals. Just because it can breed, doesn’t mean it should be bred. That is a cardinal rule of breeding any animal.


I agree with everything that @ashleyraeanne has said.


I also agree with @ashleyraeanne.