What to breed with my queenbee

I have a queen bee that I am going to breed this Year. I am new to breeding and I am looking to see what would be good to breed with her?

New to breeding myself, but from what I’ve seen, almost anything will give you great looking offspring. You should search for the gene complexes post here and avoid anything in the spider or spotnose complexes for your pairing except blackhead, so you don’t run a risk of lethal combos. Also avoid the Blue eyed lucy complex, if you get a BeL, it might be hard to tell if the spider gene was also in it, which could be problematic for a buyer.

If you get a super, you won’t have any normals. Normals are awesome in and of themselves, don’t get me wrong. All my experience says they eat well and thrive, and they have amazing variety in pattern. They are just very common and unless you are keeping all your offspring, you may have difficulty finding homes for them.

Orange dream, yb spider looks awesome. If I was doing your pairing, I would look for super OD with as many extra genes as I could get. The lesser gene you already have pairs with so many things well. Good luck, let us all know and post pics!


thank you for your advise and suggestions. i will keep everyone posted and post pics.

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You’re welcome. If your experience is anything like mine, choosing that first pairing deliberately, instead of having a random mating in your collection of pets, is pretty tough.

So here is what I was told. Make something you like first. Don’t worry about anyone else’s opinion, or sales or anything else. The important thing is to stay motivated and filled with wonder and enjoyment, so make something you like. People do what they enjoy, if your not positively engaged, caring for your animals isn’t fun, it’s a chore. Your animals are in your care and they deserve your best attention. So make something you like. If you like it, chances are someone else does too.

Because of the potential health problems linked to the spider gene, you are wise to ask for advice, and you should read the post on the morphs and allelic complexes as well as other discussions about breeding spiders. Don’t get caught up in the moral outrage part just yet, ignore that for now, you’re looking for technical advice. Later, if you want to get wound up in all that, have at it.

I just went on MorphMarket and started browsing randomly looking for snakes that made me say wow. And then looked at their genes to see what I’d have to do to make that. I have a ways to go to get to some of them :rofl: .

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Breed what you enjoy. I would also recommend avoiding spider of BEL complex to avoid lethal or unidentifiable offspring. Look around on the marketplace and see what stands out that you enjoy.