What to do with a invasive stink bug

So where i live theres an outbreak of brown marmorated stink bugs which i’ve read online are from East Asia and I need help deciding if i should keep some as pets or just leave them and kill them on sight I recently built some enclosures from recycled materials that are perfect for them i just dont know how they drink or eat can anyone help me with deciding?

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I would keep some if they interest you. If they are invasive, killing them or catching them will either way remove them from the wild. Keeping them will also give you a unique pet. They are easy to care for so why not try?

They eat fruits and vegetables and get all the water they need from their food

and yes I have thought (and still am planning to) of keeping them as pets and researched how to keep them :wink:

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Can we see pics? (I’m nosy!)




oh THOSE! I didn’t know they weren’t locals. I’ve seen something very similar here in the Rockies. (I live up in “ski country”) I find them in my house once in a while and they get put firmly but gently back outdoors.

Yeah they were introduced into the US in 1990

Hey do you know how often i should feed them

I am pretty sure it is every other day or every 2 days.

Thank you i found two yesterday at school so i took them home and woke up to one dead and his abdomen squeezed in for some reason i gave them lettuce last night

that is really weird. do you have a picture of it? I wouldn’t think lettuce would cause that but maybe feed something different like carrots instead. could something have crushed him?

One of my school mates flicked the bag or I might’ve sat on it on accident i saw it before the lettuce

Well it died last night from something

The other is still alive

Sucks that it died but at least the other is doing good :+1: