What to do with bad purchased snakes?

Just to let you know that page was taken down :confused: there is another page now though!

Im not on Facebook or other social media sites. I’m barely on here. I was only curious as what to physically do with them

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If we could see some pictures it would help the discussion massively.

As to what to do with them, if we’re talking just a wobble, just treat them as you would any other ball python but with added love. You may want to check out this thread… Reducing Wobble

As for kinking, it depends on how bad we are talking, again we will need picture to help out.

Dont let this one event discourage you from something you enjoy. :blush:


First is to contact the breeder assuming you bought from a reputable breeder and you are not happy with your purchase you should be able to return those animals for a full refund.

Than depending on the platform the animals where bought on, you can leave a feedback or use a group such as this one https://www.facebook.com/groups/2415020071888374/?ref=group_header to share your experience (I would highly recommend you to gather all necessary evidence)

If you did not buy from a reputable breeder (which will be a lesson learned) and must keep the animals (because they cannot be returned) kinks and wobble do not necessarily mean euthanization, many snakes live healthy lives with either. First the quality of life must be evaluated.


It seems I’m the bad guy so I will back off . Lesson learned

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No, not at all.
We don’t know the situation properly to assess that.

It is difficult to word and not come across as a attack, we don’t mean it that way at all, we wish you nothing more than happiness with your purchase and we will do all we can to make that happen.

If you simply wish to know the ethics of breeding animals with issues then you may find this a good place to start… Ethics of Spiders and Spider Breeding

Again, we have no intention of making you feel uncomfortable on here.


Yes was lesson learned . thank you

And we have all learned it at some point in time and learned from it.


To late. I will do my best to refrain from asking or contributing.sorry for the trouble

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No one is blaming you, everyone has just been asking to see pictures of the snakes to they can help you decide what is the best course of action. It’s hard to understand the extent of the problem without seeing them.

You’ve now posted two threads about breeders selling you snakes that have problems, but haven’t really elaborated or posted pictures. Everyone here is super nice and friendly and seems more than willing to help, and I understand wanting to vent your frustrations, but I’m not sure what type of support you are looking for right now.


Sad to see ya go then. Looks like a lot of people were interested in helping you and were just asking for more info to give better advice. Of course often internet dialog gets misinterpreted since people’s intentions aren’t always clear. But most of the people I’ve seen responding to you I do know tend to be very understanding and helpful people on this forum, and would help you out if you give them a chance.

Anyway, hope your situation gets better. There are definitely some bad apples in the hobby, but most are honest decent people.


I am sorry that you feel that you can’t ask questions or contribute here anymore, but i am also confused as to why you feel this way. Everyone on here is willing and happy to help you, but we need more information to do so. Asking for pics of the animals is not in anyway attacking you. It helps everyone access the severity of the kinking you are seeing. It sounds like you did everything that you could, if you asked for pictures prior to purchase and didn’t notice the kinks. It is on the seller to be honest about any issues with animal prior to purchase. So i hope that you decide to continue to ask questions and contribute here.


I know it can be disporting to buy a animal and find it has a kink. My boa, Kai has a small spinal kink. I bought him at a pet store, and it was not visible at the time of purchase. But as he grew I started to notice it, but I don’t care if he has one. He is still my boa, and now he is 2 1/4 years old, and he is loving life.


Well I’m glad for your snake is doing well

I’ve already stated that I don’t wish to discuss it anymore there is no point. I learned my lesson on buying snakes

I’m sorry that I wasted you peoples time on my issue. I again will refrain from asking or contributing. I don’t mean to be a problem. Best to you all and your snakes

you are not a problem, just unlucky. I hope that your snake does well.

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this is my spider combo enchi fire od . The breeder said it never showed a sign of wobble. I figure id post .

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ALL spiders and combos do wobble to a degree from mild to severe, in some cases it is so mild it is hardly visible by the untrained eye.

Now things such as temperatures, and stress from handling, and shipping etc may increase the wobble.

If you have not done so already lower your temps to 86 and refrain from handling for a while.

And obviously if an animal can eat on it’s own and does not do the death roll constantly not able to right itself up, the animal can live a long healthy life.


I assume you are expert?