What to feed sulcatas?

Ok so I’ve had a sulcata tortoise for nearly 2 years, he lives indoors for right now but he’s gonna be moved outside this year. I feed him Lugarti tortoise pellets once a day and he gets dark leafy greens like once a week and a piece of fruit every 2 or 3 weeks. I feel like I can see slight pyramiding on his shell? What do other sulcata owners feed their tortoises?

You can use this website for information on plants that can be fed for tortoises. Pyramiding is often from dehydration. How often are you soaking him? There’s also a great care sheet about sulcatas on tortoiseforum.org. He should have access to leafy greens 24/7, just replace them when they dry out or are eaten. Fruit should be fed very rarely since it is high in sugar, which is bad for tortoises.


Well when he was younger I soaked him nearly every day or every other day he now has a reptiramp water bowl and I see him go in there every day, but I probably don’t soak him enough. I’ve just been trying to sort through whats right and how to properly care for them, some sites say don’t soak them because they’ll get a fungal infection some say a few times a week. The for the diet some said most of the diet should consist of hay like bermuda grass or timothy hay and that greens should be fed rarely and fruit never.

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I can’t find it now but the care sheet on tortoiseforum is the best one I know of.


Fruit… no.
They shouldn’t eat it at all, too high in sugar.

Greens, greens, greens only, and some like hay, ours doesn’t though :sweat_smile:
Also, EVERY day. Once a week is NOT enough. We do greens, weeds, grass etc. DAILY.

Pellets are fine too, we use Mazuri as is the best stuff, but we actually haven’t used for months. Usually summer when they eat a lot more that they get them just to bulk their food up!


When he was a baby we used to feed him greens every day but then I read to much greens will cause pyramiding because of too much protein. I use Lugarti because the first 4 ingredients are different hays and grasses and I don’t always have access to those.

That’s not right, they’re grazers…
I know a breeders who’s get greens every day as they should. That’s what they eat… Spinach is something they should have rarely as too high in protein but collard greens, kale, Romain lettuce, dark greens basically. And grass and weeds as they’re grazers!