What to pair.. what to pair

i have a lesser pastel clown and I was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions for pairings?

I’d recommend something that is clown or het clown and does not have any BEL complex genes (to avoid making a white snake).


what pairs well with lesser pastel? and id probably go with het clown due to my price range lol

Leopard looks good with pretty much any clown morph. Pewter or cinnamon would make a pale, silvery snake with a clown pattern. Blade, enchi and orange dream would reduce the pattern. But my favorite reasonably priced morph to combine with clown is spotnose. The pattern is incredible. These are just a few ideas, almost anything would look good with the combination you’ve got.


thanks so much for the suggestions!

Banana, enchi, blade, fire, plus het clown animals would make cool stuff. You can typically find all these genes plus the het clown for between 150 to 300.

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Sounds great! Now just to do some looking

So much possibility’s. :rofl:

Kinda depends on what you like. :wink:
And the budget. :sweat_smile:

Some possible suggestions that pop up in my mind.

  • Pastel Piebald
  • Ghi Clown or het Clown
  • Enchi or leopard clown or het clown
  • anything Ghost or Dessert Ghost
  • Genetic Stripe combo

Gonna stop or my head gonna explode from the ideas that keep coming up. :exploding_head::joy:

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I would recommend against against breeding Pied to anything with Lesser or Butter, because Butter/Lesser Pied are always born with deformed eyes. GHI is a great choice. I didn’t mention recessives because I thought you would want visuals in the first generation, but if you choose to go down that road, Hypo, G-Stripe and Desert Ghost Clown combos are awesome, not to mention Ultramel and Axanthic. I believe Puzzle Clown has not been produced yet, but I bet it will be really cool.


Good point!, :+1:

Forgot that for a moment.:sweat_smile:
I’m so sorry for that mistake.:man_facepalming:

Also the Lesser or Butter Piebalds have Produced mostly very high white Piebalds.:thinking:
If I remember correctly at least. :laughing:


They are completely white.

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white weddings right?

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I’m thinking GHI might be a possibility

or are they the ones with the small reddish eyes, I cant remember the name right now

White weddings are all white spider pieds.


oops … its still early… kinda :sweat_smile:


@prestonrabe White weddings are spider pieds

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