What to pair with a BEL?

Looking for ideas on what to breed to my BEL eventually

The best advice I can give you is to figure out what you like and where you want to take your collection and then make your choice from there.

These animals are going to be with you a long time. You are going to have to feed them and water them and scrape their crap out of their bins for years and years and years. If you do not find some degree of pleasure every time you have to open that tub then you are going to start slacking on care for your animal(s). One of the surest ways to end up with animals you do not want is to just start pairing willy-nilly with no real consideration for what you will end up with.


Cypress pairs amazing with Mojave

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Something with a BEL allele if you want to produce more BELs. Do you know what type of BEL it is?

Other than that, consider what works well (in your opinion) with the BEL morphs. Maybe mystic or GHI?

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