What to pair with an olive?

Hi! I have this olive male and i’ve been told not to breed an olive with an olive? I currently have a tricolor female that hasnt been paired up yet. I was curious what you think their offspring would look like or if you have bred an olive what was the mother and their offspring?
Or any ideas for a good pairing for what you think would make amazing offspring?!

Pictures help!!!
Here are photos of the olive male and the possible female i have.


One thing that goes really well with olives is a martini.


It might just be the brightness settings on my phone, but the male gecko doesn’t look like an olive


I dont see Olive either.

Looks like a Harley partial pin to me.

Olives will fire down a Green and up a green.

Some tricolours and Harley’s have olive base colours but fire up dark. Like yours it appears!

So really it doesn’t matter what you pair too as not all olive if that makes sense. My tricolour who fires down an olive colour went to my hypo red a few years back and I got the most beautiful red hypos out!
Your pair will go nice together x


I agree with the others it doesn’t look like a “true” olive, and I think the two in the pics would go together just fine. Another option could be an EB to see if he has it, he has the neck band and the empty tail root, which are both possible markers :blush:


Agreed on that! Stuffed with bleu cheese is the best! :ok_hand:


Thats good to know thank you- a breeder told me he was an olive and i’m not fully there yet with my morphs. He has a green tint for sure though. Like an army green.


Yeah I have a few that fire down green, but fire up dark.
As said above, olives will be green all the time, but I cannot see the green in the pic.

Cresties morphs & traits can be very confusing & lots of ppl out there get it wrong. I still struggle with some :sweat_smile: