What to pair with firefly het clown for best paint job

Ok guys so exactly what it says on the title what should I pay with my firefly het clown.

So I definitely want a het clown or a clown of some kind as I want to produce clowns with multiple genes.

I prefer bright colours and patterns with a lot going on

I’m not a fan of dark colours cinnamon etc.

I’m looking to buy a male for pairing with my female and as there is that much to choose from I just can’t make my mind up. It would be great to get 4 genes or more well suppose I’m already there with the fire pastel and clown I already have.

I’m interested in what your thoughts are on what the most vibrant coloured clowns out there are are made up from.

I was thinking maybe be a banana pastel clown or or a banana fire pastel clown if such a thing could be bread also what the fire would bring to it I probably wouldn’t be able to identify lol

A leopard clown or spotnose clown could bring a lot of great pattern to the offspring.


Be aware that if you choose something with fire in it that 1/4 of them will be mostly white snakes, and you most likely will not be able to tell if they are clowns (or other genes) or not.

To brighten without completely destroying the pattern you could do more pastel, banana, or vanilla are what I can think of. My personal taste agrees with @westridge, and spotnose would add some definition to the pattern without darkening the whole snake. I should be hopefully hatching some firefly spotnose clowns in the next week myself!

You already have the fire and pastel a a banana enchi het clown would go really good with what you have…I love the banana enchi clown stuf and I would buy a firefly banan enchi clown…leopard and spotnose combos work real well paired with firefly as well but I LOVE SEEING THOSE BANANA ENCHI CLOWNS

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The coral glow “SCARECROW” batman clowns are probably my 2nd favorite out of the Batman combos and when you miss the spotnose it makes a Gotham which is just as impressive…you already know you want banana so find a banana leo het clown or if you got 1500-2k buy a gotham outright

Great input guys

I would love to make batman’s or Gotham’s but think that is more a long term goal as I would nee to produce from the start ie produce the sote nose leopard my self first as the prices are way out of budget for starting up with breeding

Buying a spot nose leopard clown is 3500 on it’s own lol

Think more realistic option is the leopard, pastel or bannan, enchi and clown try come up with something out of them

Think mabey leopard pastel het clown could mabey get some killer clowns ,superbly clowns or killer leopard clowns that would be good and

So that clutch I mentioned did hatch this weekend, and I think I did hit a firefly spotnose clown. Just to show an example:


Brilliant looks great mate. Will the faded areas stay like that or change as it grows

Also what is it visually that says it’s a spot nose

This will be my first time with visual spotnose clowns, so I’ll be interested to see how (s)he grows too.

Also it’s my understanding that the head markings become sharper and the outlining around the pattern is darker as compared to the same combo minus the spotnose. Again, this is my first time breeding spotnose clowns, so I’m still learning myself.

Pairing was Fire Spotnose het Clown x Super Pastel Clown

It’s a grrat looking snake there is no doubt about that.

I think it is great how selective breeding can create such work of art lol. That’s what has made me want to start breeding. I have done so much research over the last 3 months my head is scrambled with all the information. I have managed to get my head round the majority but still find is so hard when it comes to identifying multiple genes

I have decided what I am going to get to start off with
1x bannan enchi het clown
1x leopard het clown

1x butter het clown
1x fire fly het clown

Looking at the calculate on morph market I can produce multiple combos that I real like from these 4

I think you did hit it…it’s subtle how the dotting and lines go on the head cause some fireflies have a more reduced look like that but the spotnose throws those lines in between the eyes…you have a no doubter and an amazing example of it…