What to Pair with my Vanilla Scream?

I have a male Vanilla Scream (Super Vanilla pastel firefly) . I want to get a female to breed to him. Can anyone give me some morphs that would result in a really cool clutch?


At the risk of angering you…which is not my intention…I gotta hit you with a few truths
Firefly = pastel + fire
Vanilla scream = pastel + fire + vanilla
Vanilla shout out = super pastel + fire + vanilla
Fire and vanilla are allelic, which is to say they fall in the same place on a chromosome. When paired together they create an animal that is referred to as an ALS (acts like a super) because none of its babies will be normal. They will either carry the fire or the vanilla gene. A fire vanilla animal can only pass on fire or vanilla, never both fire and vanilla
Now because fire and vanilla fall in the same position in a chromosome (allelic) and there are only 2 seats (so to speak) on a chromosome for an allele, one from mother one from father…it unfortunately means a super vanilla fire or a super fire vanilla isn’t possible… picture a game of musical chairs, you have two seats and three asses. When the music stops some one’s ass is left out.
All that being said a cinnamon fire female paired to what I think your male might be, would produce alot of really awesome babies