What to put in 4"x4"x6" enclosure?

So, I have an empty small treehouse enclosure from Tarantula Cribs (4x4x6), and I’m trying to figure out what invert I should get to put in it.

I was thinking of some sort of arboreal tarantula. I realise that most Ts are going to need to be rehoused to something larger as adults, but this size would work well for at least a little while for a larger sling or juvenile. I’m leaning towards some sort of Avicularia or Caribena species, though I’m open to other suggestions!

I’d also really love to get a jumping spider. In fact, I’ve pretty much decided than I am getting a jumping spider, I’m just not sure if I’ll end up using this enclosure for it. I feel like it’s probably too small for most of the larger Phidippus species, as I know jumpers are quite active and should ideally have plenty of space to move around. But maybe there’s a smaller jumper species that would be well-suited for an enclosure this size? :thinking:

The other idea I had was perhaps some sort of mantis or stick insect. I’d definitely have to do some further research if I decided to go that route, as I’ve never kept anything like that before and don’t know all that much about their care, but I’ve always thought both mantids and stick insects are super cool, and I’ve heard they can make great pets.

Anyone have any other ideas I should consider?


If you could find an Avicularia minatrix, it would work. They max out at around 2.5".


Oh cool, I wasn’t even aware that there was a “dwarf” Avicularia species. I’ll definitely keep an eye out for them. I’ll also look into any other “dwarf”/small arboreal Ts. I know there are a few out there.

That said, it’s okay if the critter outgrows this enclosure, I don’t necessarily need something that will live in this size enclosure its whole life. But ideally it would be okay in this enclosure for at least a few months.

I’m also interested in exploring some true spider species that could live in there. I have my widow in an identical enclosure and it’s worked really well for her, so I want to maybe look into some other similar species, like other widow or comb-footed species. Or maybe even something like a huntsman or lynx spider.

Of course, much of it is going to come down to what I can actually find for sale (ideally captive bred, though I know that can sometimes be challenging with inverts, depending on what it is).


After watching a video by Dave’s Little Beasties on the green lynux spider I am also intrigued by them. He is cohabing a pair for breeding purposes. I will include the video below. Dave is a great source of information. He’s been in the hobby a really long time.


Yeah, I love Dave’s channel and I’ve seen his stuff on green lynx spiders. I love green lynxes, there was a huge, gorgeous female at my work earlier this year, I got to watch her hatch out two big egg sacs and watch the babies disperse before she reached the end of her life cycle and passed away (found her hanging dead in her web one morning a couple weeks after the last of the babies from her second sac dispersed). It was a really cool experience. They’re such beautiful spiders.