What tub size do you use for your leos?

Curious to know what size tubs everyone uses. I’m about to set up a rack, just wanted some ideas.

Several different tubs actually. V15/ve 108-8 for hatchlings, V18/ve 108-11 for single adults, and v35 short/ be 108-23 for breeding groups. Having a rack that can hold 3 different size tubs is really useful depending on ours needs.
We also use V70/cb 70 tubs as well for really big breeding groups as well.


CSerpents has a combo rack that sounds perfect.

Not a huge fan of c serpents racks myself. Prefer reptile basics racks. C serpents makes really good incubators though.

i use cserpents shoe box rack it uses iris mens shoe boxes for geckos not in one of those racks i use Sterilite 2301 16qt drawers

Problem is Iris stopped making those tubs. So at some point you won’t be able to get more. The container store still sells there own brand which are 99% the same but cost more. Who knows how long those tubs will still be made. That’s a big reason I switched to Reptile Basics racks. They own the molds for there tubs so they in theory will be made forever.