What Type Of Ball python Do I Have?

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That is a ball python >.> a spider ball python to be exact


This needs to be the top post of all time on here :joy:

Welcome to the family @kd51tgc
@ashleyraeanne is right, what you have there is a a Spider Ball Python… Not a boa constrictor.

I recommend doing your research about that specific snake on this forum rather than the wider web as you will find reliable information here from top breeders and keepers.

To make sure we can help you out as much as possible, would you mind showing a picture of your enclosure. We want you to enjoy your new journey and it seems you have already been misled.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions at all that you have, no matter how simple or silly, we are here to help.


Yes I second everything @eaglereptiles, we are all here to help and we dont want a new keeper such as yourself to be misled as it could result in a unhappy life of the snake. Just like Tom said I would also recommend you show us the enclosure so we can give you advice and any help you may need.

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