What Type of Ball python does this look like?

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Looks like a Lesser Bee (lesser, spider, pastel). Hard to tell in that lighting though.

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I agree, looks to be a lesser bee. I doubt there is anything else but if you took some pictures in natural light I’m sure we could point anything else it may or may not have.

I will tomorrow

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Lesser bee (as long as I’ve known) is just lesser spider, Queenbee is lesser pastel spider! But I agree with you on the ID! I think it is most likely a standard lesser bee. :slight_smile:

@ballpythons9 I believe you are correct on that!

Which is strange to me because I thought it was only pastel spider combos that qualified as “bees.”


I’m not well-versed in spider morphs. Definitely thought that it was only a ‘bee’ if it was pastel + spider. Whoops. Thanks for the correction.

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I’m guessing that “Queen-” is the addition of Lesser into a Spider combo.

Queenspin - Lesser Pastel Pinstripe Spider
Queen Bee - Lesser Pastel Spider

Along the same lines that “Killer” is the addition of Super Pastel and “Nuclear” is the addition of Fire + Butter.

When I look up “lesser bee” on MM it just gives lesser and spider as the combo. From what I can tell “bee” usually just refers to spider combos in general. Queenbee does add pastel into the mix though, and are generally cleaner than the snake pictured above. Even though the pictures don’t have good lighting.

Lesser bee is just lesser and spider, no pastel.

Lesser bee!!


Still just Beautiful

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Yeah it’s always been a confusing thing ever since bumblebees. But the non-intuitive rule is anything “bee” is just that gene plus spider!