What will happen if i breed GALAXY HET BELL with WY ENIGMA?

Hello , i am a beginner , i would like to ask everyone about breeding , i have 2 leopard geckos , Male : Galaxy het bell
Female : White and Yellow Enigma ( Bell )
What will i get if i breed them together?


Don’t. Enigmas have severe neurological issues that shouldn’t be bred. And plus you would have an extremely hard time selling them as almost everyone tries to avoid getting leopard geckos with the gene


TYSM for your information. But i have heard about " behavioral disorders " of enigma , some breeders have told me that the problem has been greatly reduced through breeding , is that true ?


Gonna tag in @armiyana & @mblaney here, but as far as I’m aware, Enigma is not a behavior issue and absolutely cannot be bred out. The Morphpedia entry for Engima also makes a point of this.


No and those breeders either have no clue what they are talking about or are extremely not trustworthy. The issues are linked to the gene and how severe the issues are is completely random. You could produce an animal that has almost no noticeable issues and an animal that is having constant seizures in the same clutch.

here is the link to the morphidia page-


looks like you beat me to it :rofl:


I would not recommend breeding.
Enigma in leopard geckos is extremely similar to spider and its complex in ball pythons. It’s not a behavioral problem. It’s either neurological in nature or equilibrium based. Even if your gecko is not showing signs of circling, rolling or difficulty eating, that doesn’t mean that the offspring that inherit the gene won’t have it.
Edit: also, any enigma offspring that may seem normal can have varied responses when stressed from rehoming or shipping that can cause symptoms to happen.

As far as the rest of the pairing…
-What do you mean by white and yellow enigma (bell)?
Is this a bell albino white and yellow enigma? Or a het? I don’t know what (bell) means here when you have het bell listed for the male. White and yellow is it’s own gene and not a type of albino.

-Is your galaxy actually super snow and eclipse? Because super snows normally have solid black eyes and I have seen some mislabeled as eclipse. If they are carrying eclipse, they usually have some white markings as well. Photos may help.


  • TYSM for your informations.The seller simply told me it was “WY ENIGMA” and belonged to “Bell”. Besides that, I did not receive any other information.
  • If I can’t combine it with enigma, can I replace it with LF RADAR?
  • Should i combine Lemon Frost Radar with WY Enigma ?
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Lemon frost is just as bad. It always results in tumors leading to an extremely slow and painful death.

Neither LF or enigma should be bred.


Honestly, I think lemon frost is even worse than enigma.
At least some enigma can live fairly normal seeming lives. The cancer risks in lemon frost is way too much.

As far as the geckos you have…
The male does indeed have the look of a galaxy so I’m confident that he would be eclipse and super snow.

You female is a bell albino. I can see it in her eyes in that photo.

I feel very nervous about the people you are getting you animals from if they’re selling such problematic geckos to a beginner and not giving you proper warnings about what to expect.
I think the best suggestion for now is to just enjoy them as pets while you do more research into the genetics involved.


I’m with @armiyana on this one, whomever sold you those geckos without telling you they should be pet only and giving proper warnings about those morphs is highly unethical, and they absolutely should not ever be bred, period.

To go even further, if you, for whatever reason, did go ahead and breed them anyways, you would be unable to sell them on MorphMarket. Those two particular morphs are so wildly problematic and impact the quality of life so significantly that MorphMarket does not even allow their sale on this platform. If you check out the “Rules for Selling”, which should be read thoroughly if you intend to breed & sell here, section 3 rule 3.7 you will find:

You can read more about the issues in articles such as this:

Honestly, if you intend to breed, you absolutely need to do more research so that you are not doing things that are unethical, creating animals of poor quality, or with poor quality of life. I’d also heavily suggest not doing business with whomever sold you the Engima & Lemon Frost, and to ignore any information they might’ve given you about breeding. Remember, it’s entirely okay to just be a keeper and enjoy these animals as pets, not every animal needs to be bred and not everyone is cut out to be a breeder.