What would a good price for my snakes be?

I’m looking at getting out of the snake keeping game and want to properly value my snakes when I post them. I have a 2019 Male Pastel and a 2020 Female Pied


I know that generally with the oversaturated market, single gene BPs with limited history are generally not valued very highly these days (in terms of money, I’m sure they are highly valued family members!).
That being said, even pricing too low or free for adoption can run the risk of attracting scammers or ‘reptile flippers’

I hope someone with more experience on the BP and business side of things can give you some good advice!


I would look on Morphmarket and compare with with similarly aged animals of same sex and morph.


Since the poses is high white with freckles, both of which are sought after, then you could probably get 350-400. For the pastel, you can expect to get around 75 for.

Sorry for asking but why are you getting out of the hobby? Does it just not interest you anymore?