What would be a good match up to breed to?

I have a very young male Orange Dream, Leopard 66% triple het for clown, pied, and ultramel. I’m wanting to start looking for a female to raise up for him but unsure on what genes to look for. I also have a male clown that may be of use too. Any thoughts??


I’d get the male shed tested beforehand so you weren’t wasting your time if you got a female to try to hit on a project he didn’t prove for.


depends on your budget. I would go with a untramel clown 100% het pied with some other genes that you like thrown in. and I agree that shed testing beforehand is definitely the way to go.


I agree with the posts above!

If you want to use the male clown and have a similar outcome, you would need to pick up an ultramel pied het clown. Then you produce 100% triple hets or clown double hets.
That way if your other male proves out, you can still breed the ultramel pied female for possible triple recessives or hold back a clown female from the previous pair as well

You can still go for hets instead of visuals…but the more hets you have, the harder it can be to hit multiple visuals and it can be difficult to sell off possible het offspring.


Definitely get him tested before picking out your females, otherswise you risk the situation where you end up with a bunch “pos het” offspring where you can’t figure out if your male doesn’t carry the trait or if the odds weren’t in your favor


Welcome to the forum and best wishes on your breeding project! You have some excellent advice!

And btw we love pictures! :blush::sunglasses:

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