What would u do?

I think my one of my leos has crypto. Luckily all the geckos are housed separately but previous to me buying them, he was paired up with a couple of females. One of the girls is doing fab, eats and poops as she should. The other female has been losing weight since I’ve had her, she doesn’t really eat and when she does her poop is OK. The male is losing weight, not really eating properly and although I ordered a fecal test kit, I’ve been unable to get a sample because of how his poop is (see pic). I’ve tried reptoboost as a pick me up, but didn’t have any effect. Do u think its better to have him euthanized than go on like this?

If it is definitively Crypto I would have him euthanized. Before doing so I would confirm that however as it’s possible it could be something else entirely.

We have very little available medical knowledge about reptiles by comparison to things like livestock or domestic dogs. That makes it easy to assume that the 4 or 5 big nasties we have in the hobby are what you’re experiencing at any time, simply because we lack further knowledge of diseases or conditions our herps may face.

I would contact Dr. Zac Loughman on IG (dr_crawdad) as he is studying it within his collection. He would probably give you the most informed point of view available. @t_h_wyman would be the only other educated source I could suggest consulting.

I strongly disagree with the above and suggest you take your ailing geckos into a qualified herp vet. Go to the ARAV website to find one. Alternatively you can go to the AVBP website & search for ‘Reptile/Amphibian,’ or go to Melissa Kaplan’s website and find the Veterinarian section.


I agree, take him into a specialist herp vet immediately and quarantine him and all other geckos he came in contact with away from your main collection. Euthanization isn’t necessary and until you get a definite diagnosis and understand everything shouldn’t be considered.


I’ve just had the results back from a faecal test ( see pic) it’s says about the sample being mostly urates but that is literally all that is coming out of him??? I thought urates were white? What I sent away was a very small poop and watery stuff.

Your vet should be able to give a better explanation of any lab results than we can.To my knowledge there are not currently any reptile vets on the forum.

Your vet may also have an explanation as to why the sample is described as chiefly urates when you thought you also brought feces.