What would you call this hognose? Plain normal?

I guess this little dude is a normal hognose, but his colors and pattern puzzles me.

Help me stop debating in my head.


What’s the belly look like? He kinda looks like he might be a conda, I know condas typically have solid black bellies.

Though take this with a grain of salt, while I know hognose morphs a bit I don’t consider myself a professional by any means.


He does not have the solid black belly, but then again I’ve learned that not all condas do.

I dont know anything about his parents, so I’m just guessing with him.

Thinking about breeding him next year and then I’ll find out if he carries something exiting. He’s a beauty, any way. Eats like a champ and not shy at all.


Looks like an Anaconda to me as well. But by far no expert of hoggie morphs.


Yeah, I suppose breeding to prove him out would be your best bet!


Looks like a really nice, high contrast normal, or Arctic to me :slight_smile: I’d pair him to an Arctic or Super Arctic female and see what you get

To identify the anaconda gene, people look for solid bellies or white sidewalls. Neither are reliable identifiers though, I’ve got a handful of obvious conda’s that lack both solid bellies and white sidewalls.


Thank you for advice and information. Pair him with an arctic, you say… Yes, that could be interesting.

He’s a gem, whatever he is, but I’m a curious human being and I’d love to find out more.


Regardless of phenotype (morph/whats shown) or genotype (the full genetic programming including any carried stuff that isnt shown outwardly) he is a cutie!! :heart_eyes:


just a normal, like was mentioned one good indicator is the underside. the odds of having a conda with a white underside is uncommon. The markings as well, you can see there are many where as on a conda there would be less leaving more room between them. On top of that the markings on condas are usually more circular or rounded, where on normals they are like rectangular shapes with soft edging. The color is also a little off for a conda as well, condas tend to be more pistachio/dull green. so you don’t have to debate with yourself anymore :slight_smile:

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Thank you!