What wrong with my Ball Python

So my male Ball Python has something wrong with it I think. Whenever I feed him he basically has diahreah. Some times there is some solid parts but for the most part it multiple little diahreah spots. I have asked around about it before and asked the buyer and no one has given me a definitive answer. Here are some pictures of help at all

Take it to a vet asap and get a fecal test done for sure. That is a sign that your snake is sick. You won’t know what it is until tests are run.

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Just to emphasize what @ashleyraeanne said; a ball python with diarrhea is sick and needs to be taken to a vet. There are many kinds of infections/parasites that could be the cause, so you need to get in to a vet to have them test to find the right treatment

I had this happen once to one of my snakes. The fecal test came back negative for parasites, but he still needed antibiotics treatment for a bacterial infection. So if after taking your snake to the vet a fecal parasite test comes back negative, make sure you don’t stop there.

Hmmmmmm okay anyone know ballpark how much that costs ? And a fecal test has to be done the day off right? Fecal samples older than a day won’t show anything?

In terms of expense, it depends on the vet. Make sure you get a vet that either specializes in snakes or has a lot of experience treating them. For reference on how much a test to see what bacteria caused my snakes RI, just that test cost me $188 in total. Over all the treatment I have gotten my snake when I knew what was wrong with her is getting close to $400 including antibiotics. I am still treating her as well, so I would say it could range anywhere from $200-500 depending on the vet/if it is a quick and relatively easy fix.

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Vet bills can very quickly pile up, especially if you keep multiple animals in the same room. Keep hygiene levels at the max to stop any potential spread.

If you believe you will struggle with payments then look for a charity that may be able to help you out.

Here in the UK we have the PDSA which provides both cheap and free vet care (even down to major surgeries).

I don’t promote the use of these charities if you can afford the care, but if not then hopefully you have a equivalent in your neck of the woods.


Thanks man :slight_smile:

No problem at all.

If you ever want to pay it back, most of these charities welcome fundraising of all different types or even future donations :wink:.

As another data point, to treat my snake with a digestive infection it was just around $200 after everything was done. In this case it’s necessary, and the sooner you get it taken care of the less likely you start to get more complications added on.

Ask about how fresh you need a fecal sample to be when you are making the appt. I think you might be able to extend the time by a couple of days by refrigerating it if you do happen to have a fresh one right now. Keeping him on paper towels or newspaper for the time being might help you collect a sample more easily too.


The best way in this case is a vet check.

So I took him to the vet yesterday right after you guys told me too haha. He has had this problem on and off kind of for a year. So I want him to get better. They think it’s parasites which is the first thing to cross off the list. One thing the vet said is of note is for a snake with parasites or digestive issues he looks very healthy other wise, he said he wouldnt be able to tell if the snake was sick otherwise. I don’t know if that helps narrow it down at all

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