Whats a Good Size for 1yr old ball python? whats Good, whats Bad? slow growth?

Hello in 2 more month my ball python will be 1yr old, I got her at 91g only had 4 meals
as of 4/8/22 she was 480g
female, GHI, Mojave, Yellowbelly.

There no right answer. Some eat more than other. I had one female hit 1500g in a year. But I also had some grow hardly at all due to being picky eaters or going off food all the time.


I feel you with the picky eaters. I feel like some of mine just hate being alive xD. I have finally gotten many of them back on feed though. Got a carpet that will only take mice though… thats gonna get old fast haha.

Sorry im a bit off topic, i believe the answer is definitely variable, id recommed watching their body shape, and if it goes too low or too high, adjust feeding accordingly. As long as you do this, then they should be healthy at whatever weight they reach at 1 year


Yep. My BP was a very picky eater her first year and I was close to assist feeding when she finally decided to start eating everything. I don’t feed her every week because she gets chunky and doesn’t grow very fast. She is nearly 4 years old but didn’t grow much for a bit over a year because she had to get her weight back up. She is around 725 empty but is nice solid muscle. Slow growers and picky eaters can take much longer to get up to breeding size. So long as the animal in question is a healthy weight then you are doing fine on raising them.


I feed every 10-14 days and my hatchings are usually between 300-400g at a year old. Metabolism varies too as has been mentioned.


It really depends you should focus more on body condition not weight I have one that’s around the same age and is 610 and I had one that hit almost 1,000 at 1yo


Im with Don on this 300 to 400 grams is around where my holdbacks are at a year. I have been hitting a 1000 gram on my female holdbacks around 2 years. And breeding size around 3 to 4 years on females.


OK well my girl will be 1yrs old on 6/7/22
and as of 4/8/22 wen I weight her she was at 480g lean and muscle.
I feed once a week F/T Weaned Rats. Cool I am glad with her weight.

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Her body condition looks good in the picture I would say your gal is a healthy weight.