What's His/Hers Morph?

Hey peeps,
Im New here and enjoying the Site/Forum! I’m also new to Crested Geckos and have recently Adopted my first Cresty!
I have yet Sexed Him/Her and wasn’t told from the previous owner which i assume is because its to young with it being only 4 to 5 Months old.
Also havnt named it yet with being un-sexed.

I was just wondering what type of Morph mine is if anyone can tell yet. i can also try and take more photos if needs be.

Thanks, and hope everyone is doing well… and Happy New Year. :tada: :lizard:


You have got quite the cutie there! Just wanted to welcome you to this wonderful forum! You are in the right place! Lots of good people here! :wink:

I have a Crested Gecko named Mim but as far as morphs and male/female I can’t help you. My Mim came from a pet store. He/she was so tiny and cute that I couldn’t resist! Lol!

Glad you are here! I am sure others will come along with answers for you! :lizard::frog::snake:


Very cute little one there!

Looks red from pics if that’s right and not lighting affecting colour.

Is so, then a red harlequin pin dash :black_heart:


hi Caron thank you so much for the nice warm welcome, I really appreciate it and yeah seems a good forum/site, I need to look around more and get use to it.
:slightly_smiling_face: :lizard:

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Yes He/She is Red specially when fired up, I am using a Red heat bulb atm but that’s just because I had nothing else but that hasnt done anything to the colour, I am just waiting for a delivery with some uvb bulbs and ceramic heaters and more foliage and so on.

I kinda thought it maybe a Red Harelquin, may I ask what trait a Pin Dash is?

And thank you so much for replying :slightly_smiling_face: :lizard:


Oh yes certainly do so! The people are wonderful and so knowledgeable! If you have a question, somebody will answer it! I have learned a lot since I joined here!

Don’t be a stranger now! :blush::lizard::frog::snake:

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Welcome to the forum, I love cresties. Glad to have you join the group

Pin dash refers to the back of the gecko. A pinstripe would have no breakages along the back. Like so…

Was your gecko has several breakages along the back (dorsal) it is a pin dash
Hope this helps.


Appreciate the help thank you so much… if there is a place on my profile where I can upload pics to an album of some sort I can keep and update on his/her growth and colours. Still getting use to the site/forum. Thanks again.

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You could make a progression thread (this may already exist) or you could continue to use the thread show of your cresties.

I need to take some up to date pics of my geckos to show their progression

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I’m quite new to forums so its getting use to it and figuring out how to do a progression thread lol I’m still getting use to the whole site tbh, I’m assuming the website is just for selling and the community page is the forum?


would also be great if there was a way of friending so i can stay in touch with people like yourself. I have also noticed there is a portfolio on your profile but is this just showing your threads you have made? sorry for nosying I’m just trying get use to it all haha.


No worries, that’s what it’s there for :relaxed:

Yeah you can’t follow in forum. But you can see previous posts in ppl profiles. Tbh I tend to check out the gecko thread (it relevant) rather than follow ppl anyway as I like to join other chats but this way I choose rather than get notifications.

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