What's on his head?

What is this on my gecko’s neck?

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He is in the process of shedding. Leave him alone and mist him.


That’s odd, I am curious as to what everybody thinks on this. I wish I personally could help you but I only work with snakes at the moment.

This was last night.

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When you say leave him alone do you mean I shouldn’t get him out and hold him while he’s shedding??? Or just leave the shed alone?

I am saying you shouldn’t bother him when he is shedding, yes. Leave the shed alone too. If his humidity his good he will shed on his own.


I agree, your Crestie is shedding.

Try not to bother your Crestie when shedding and keep humidity high.

Your Crestie should shed on its own and then eat it.

Do not pull the shed yourself.

I love capturing a Crestie in shed, I do not handle them when they are in shed though.


I won’t handle him, but I’m curious as to why? And I’m bummed lol

When shedding, Cresties can’t see from their eyes very well as the shed also comes off of their eyes so they can be a little extra wary.

You don’t want them stopping mid shed and not getting the shed off. This could lead to several problems.

As a Crestie gets older you will notice less sheds and also they get quicker at getting it off, some of mine are over in a mature of minutes, while younger Cresties can take about 30 minutes.

Also humidity should be high in the enclosure, your hand and surrounding areas won’t be that humid so may make the surfing proceed harder for the lil one

So once the shed is off, by all means handle your Crestie.

Here are some pics that I have of my Cresties shedding, first one is an eye cap


I handle mine when in shed :sweat_smile:
Hence those cool images I have of before and after with Big Mama.

Infact I’ve also helped some with shed, some need help, rarely, but if it’s got any stuck shed i always help.

So just watch and make sure all is off fine! :blush:

Could you maybe emphasise on what you do to help? We don’t want the lmsm1 pulling it off thinking it’s okay to do that.

Well that’s exactly what I do, if any stuck on say feet, I’ll remove it, or crests. I’ve seen people leave and ‘wait til next shed’ and they’ve lost some crest or a toe. If on a baby and I can’t grab with my nails then tweezers help.
Though touch wood, I haven’t had to help any in a long long time. Making the babys bio helped a lot as humidity stays up.

The only reptile I help shed every shed is Gigi the fat tail. As you know she was in a bad way upon coming here and has lots of toes missing because the breeder didn’t look after her correctly and layers of shed stuck to toes and tail end. So I help her get her shed of every time, even managed to remove the layers at the end of her tail and toes and all :blush:
Now touch wood, clean shed every time with none left. So this next shed I’m going to leave her too it to see how she does now it’s all clean shedding!

Either way I’ve never damaged or hurt a Crestie by helping them.
And also by looks of it their Crestie is shed free from second pic now :grin:
Just keep an eye on it when they’re babies. Keep
Humidity correct and you should never have a problem! And as said bio helps if you’ve not got a bio set up and come across any shedding issues.


I don’t agree with pulling off shed as it can damage Cresties. @ghoulishcresties I know your an experienced owner but I wouldn’t advise others to do so incase they cause more damage.

I have had to help honeycomb with shed in his ear when he first arrived, but I did so with great caution and tried lots of other things first


I mean you either don’t or risk losing a toe or crests, or pay for a vet to do it but really no need for that.
It also comes off very easy so you can’t hurt them or do damage.
I had to do it with Kaneki when I first got him too and his brother and I wasn’t ‘experienced’ then either.

Also the op didn’t pull any off, was just worried about what was on it :blush:

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It is definitely shed
( A little bit late to the discussion but still here lol )


Proof that I have no experience with lizards, lol. :sweat_smile:. I have 18 snakes though :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:.

I don’t recommend handling during a shed, just increase the humidity and once the gecko has finished shedding you can handle. @ghoulishcresties handles and it’s likely fine but it’s not a risk I would personally take or recommend to anyone else (I’m not berating you, just kindly stating a difference in opinion :smiley:).
If the gecko has problems shedding and needs help I added how I personally go about it (I’ve only had to help with shed once for a leopard gecko and looking back on it I don’t think it was necessary).

Removing stuck shed

If you do need to remove shed first make sure the gecko actually needs help (this is extremely rare), increase the humidity to help with shedding. If the gecko still hasn’t gotten it off or it is stuck on the tail, crest, toe, etc put the gecko in a warm bath or humid area (bath with barely warm water about 1/2" or 1 cm deep/as deep as the belly, a humid area is usually a tub lined with damp paper towels), if it’s still not off take a damp q-tip or cotton swab and lightly rub it in the direction it needs to come off, it should slowly come off.


Haha that’s alright!
They all shed and I suppose if you haven’t seen it yet you wouldn’t know :sweat_smile:

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