Whats so good about carnivore? I don't get it. Please help me understand

Whats so good about carnivor
I checked it on morphpedia but still confused

I dont get it :roll_eyes: Why are they around 1K to or 5k uk pounds for combos.
What am I missing?


You got a good point! To me looks a lot like acid/confusion/static but if it interacts with other morphs differently like stated, could be something very similar but not they same. If it makes something visually different from like a bel morph then a acid for example. Or it could just be too similar to confidently identify next to an acid. Like a example I can use is back in the day butter really did seam slightly different then lesser. Not just the typical this breeder named this morph banana and this one named it coral glow. Mystic/phantom ect. Over time though they are so similar that now a days it is pretty much impossible for me to tell butter from lesser. Same thing might happen with enhancer vs desert ghost if breeders keep breeding from both bloodlines since they are compatible. Other then that if the carnivore is different, it is just so rare which reflects in the price as well. Do I think it’s worth that much, I am not sure. But did you see that carnivore, spotnose, clown? Holy :poop:I want one!


I feel like that happens whenever a relatively new morph hits the market, look at how much stranger combos are selling for


A little history. @hognoseuk imported a bunch of WC dinkers… Some proved out, some didn’t. But every one of these traits that did prove out is at minimum a new linage… Carnivore was one that did.

As for the price tag of these initial animals. Your paying to get into the project earlier than others… Plus, as with Kinova over in the US, your paying for more than just the animal. Your paying for quality of care for the animals before you purchased it and customer service.

Think of it business wise. We’re in the UK which is extremely small. Anyone you sell these too is going to be a guaranteed direct competitor to you in 3-4 years and in 5-6 may have a whole army of your trait at their disposal to take your sales.

A tip that will keep you sane, don’t base you expectations of US prices to match the UKs :wink:


I second this. Even in the US (which is much larger in both area and population), everyone can be a serious competitor now with buying reptiles online. When a new species gets imported or proved out, everyone wants to be the second to have them available. This way you get more money when you open to the public, and get to govern who gets them in your area as well.

Supply and demand. Not much supply, lots of demand for the newer morphs :slight_smile:


That is a pretty sick snake though :slight_smile:

If I already had a normal ball python, I probably wouldn’t get it because I don’t like having many look-alikes, but it is still gorgeous.