What's the difference between the origin "captive bred" and "self produced"?

I’m seeing various reptiles for sale that have those origins. Technically they could mean the same but they must not. What’s the difference?


This is just my interpretation when I see those two terms. Self-produced means the animal was bred by the seller. Captive bred means the animal is captive bred but not by the seller, unless otherwise stated in the listing. Just my interpretation when I see those two distinctions.


I look at it like this as well, but I can also see it being wild caught x wild caught and bred in captivity.


Domestically produced means that it was produced within captivity.

Self produced means it was produced by the seller.

Any breeding with inside captivity can be labeled as captive bred. That’s the difference between CB, which is captive born and CBB, captive bred and born.


I take it as…

Captive bred: An animal for sale who was the result of a pairing in captivity, parents may be of any origin. Can be used to indicate an animal that did not originate in the seller’s collection but is known to come from a captive pairing. Occasionally these animals come with less lineage information, depending on how many hands they’ve passed through/the age of the animal. Technically this term can also include self-produced.

Self-produced: Hatchlings who came from a pairing conducted by the breeder/seller themselves.


Self Produced:

Definition: The animal was bred in captivity by the person selling it.

Implications: Self-produced animals are bred by the seller, allowing for greater control over lineage and health. Buyers can obtain more detailed information about the animal’s genetic background, care, and husbandry practices from the seller.

Captive Bred:

Definition: The animal was bred in captivity, but not by the person selling it.

Implications: As they are not directly bred by the seller, detailed information about lineage and care history may be limited.

Captive Hatched/Born:

Definition: The animal was hatched or born in captivity, but either the mother was gravid when removed from the wild, or the eggs were collected from the wild.

Implications: Captive Hatched/Born animals have the unique circumstance of being born in captivity, yet doesn’t come from Captive parents. This distinction is crucial for buyers to understand the early life conditions of the animal. While they are not considered fully wild-caught, the maternal history adds a layer of consideration for potential buyers.

Wild Caught:

Definition: The animal for sale was born and captured in the wild.

Implications: Wild-caught animals may exhibit different behavioral traits and carry health risks compared to captive-bred specimens. Buyers should consider the challenges associated with acclimating a wild-caught animal to a captive environment.


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