What's the difference in an Enchi spider and a normal spider?

I’ve been looking at enchi spiders and normal spiders but as adults they look so similar? How do you even ID them? I have a female that was sold to me as a spider het pied but I came across an enchi spider and she looks just like that. I thought the was more yellow coming up on the enchi spiders. I can’t post pics at the moment.

enchi is a pattern and color mutation, but most notably it alters the bands in certain morphs like spider. enchi spiders tend to have more spaced out bands and more blob-like bands as opposed to a normal spider.
enchi spider - more yellow and the pattern is visibly different.

regular spider.


tleyba has my vote.
Regarding zer0stark7 point about colour, yes enchi should affect the colour, but… enci and normal are variable in colour, so colour, in its self, is not a guarantee.