Whats the morph?

Hi all,

I am new to breeding ball pythons and just had a clutch. The pairing was banana x lesser.

Just wanted to know if this male is a lesser or banana lesser as he seems lighter than the other lessers

Thank you for any help


Was the female the banana? To me it looks just like a lesser

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Hi thanks for the reply,

The male of the pairing was the banana,

Once again thank you

Are you sure the baby is a male because that much dark pigment would not be present in a banana lesser.

No banana. Could you show us pictures of the parents? Lesser varies a lot but that one’s a little outside standard.

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I agree it looks lesser and probably just dimorphism at work

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Thanks guys for all your help

I have attached pictures of the female lesser and male banana that were paired


I have put some pictures of the male banana and female lesser below, thank you for your reply.

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Perfect. Just a lesser on the baby. Just wanted to be diligent since that baby isn’t shed out and it’s pigment will still change quite a bit. They are both what they’re supposed to be :+1:

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Brilliant, thank you guys.

Lesser it is!

Thanks all for the help.