What's Your Favorite MorphMarket Slogan?

Many years ago, we came up with a number of slogans that you see rotated through on the home page of the market site. Here is the list of those slogans plus a few that are not in active circulation.

What are your favorites? Vote for as many as you choose below.

Would love to hear your ideas for new ideas too. Feel free to reply with a slogan that you made up, and others can “like” them to indicate votes for those.

  • “Morphing reptile commerce.”
  • “Morphs are complex. Finding them shouldn’t be.”
  • “We even wrote the website in Python.”
  • “A reptile site that crawls the web.”
  • “Custom software for custom animals.”
  • “Window shopping for weirdos.”
  • “Boost your clutches.”
  • “We have the most balls.”
  • “Enabling your obsession.”
  • “Like a reptile expo in your living room.”
  • “Members of our family are inbred.”
  • “We’ve taken your obsession to the next level.”
  • “We didn’t study genetics in school either.”
  • “If you think Tinley Park is like the Super Bowl…”

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Bumping to the top. 13 votes so far - keep them coming.

Also I want to hear some more suggestions! :slight_smile:

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Code-blooded Python for cold blooded nerds.

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" Welcome to your new addiction"


“The blood should be cold, not the community.”


Some jokes.

“A place to buy shoes for your 3 foot snake”

A snake walks into a bar
and the bartender says “how’d he do that?”

What do you call a 3.14 meter snake?
A πthon

And to add to the one yous already have.

"We even wrote this website in python, it’s not as constricting as you think.


Reptiles are like chips…betcha can’t keep just one

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Bumping this again, let’s hear some new ones :blush:

We have the most balls should be shortened to “we’ve got balls”

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