When do geckos ovulate in the uk

Can anyone tell me if all geckos ovulate in the same months or have individual cycles??


Ovulation is often towards the start of breeding season (I think in between March and June). It varies from individual to individual.


I don’t know about all gecko species, but @erie-herps is right about the breeding season for leopard geckos having the most pronounced reproductive behavior. A hobbyist breeder is most likely to have success pairing geckos at that time. Just make sure you are either (1) 100% sure of the genetic background of any geckos you breed and able to determine how that would translate to the offspring, or (2) that you sell any offspring as ‘pet-only.’

Professional breeders will sometimes breed leopard geckos year round, as leopard geckos are easy to breed (the tough parts are incubation & rearing the wee babies). To help them do this, some breeders alter the day/night cycle to simulate the breeding season, though not all breeders do this.


I was informed from whom I got the geckos that they are,
A Green and tangerine.

A tangelo sunglow,

A super snow,

What are your thoughts???

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The G & T looks like a very low-expression G & T. Tangelo sunglow stands for super hypo, tremper albino, tangerine. It looks like an albino tangerine. The super snow looks correctly identified (and is awesome, I love super snows).