When do your morphmarket sales increase?

I havent sold anything since Spring :sob: Does business slow down in the summer? And pick up in the fall? This is my first year on MM


It’s pretty much just luck. At least for smaller sellers

A lot of new sellers will get passed over because they have no reviews.
This time of year you’ll have a lot of new hatchlings coming out for sale.
Demand can change on a whim or because of whatever new hot morph the big breeders are working with.

I sell maybe one a year on MM. CL is my better market it seems.


A large factor right now is the recession. When people are having to pay higher prices for necessities like food and gas and utilities they have less money to spend on “luxury” items like pet reptiles


The last two years my sales have been very slow. I used to do 4-6 reptile shows a year and sell out at most of them. I do 10+ these days and average 7-12 animals sold per show. The best sellers this year have been sub $200 animals which is a good indicator of how depressed the market is. It goes in cycles, this isn not the first time the sky has fallen on our hobby market.