When someone lists an amazing animal for sale

…and they have nothing to say about it! Ugh! Am I alone in enjoying a background on a specific animal?

I love seeing what breeders and sellers have to say about their offerings! I get it if you’re selling a normal ball python or any otherwise common trait. But I literally opened a listing to view an absolutely incredible paradox ivory het (or possible het) for clown ball python, with not a single word in the comments.

At quick glance, it would not be an animal I would be able to add to my current breeding plans, but a cool little background info might have helped persuade me to own an animal outright for it’s unbelievable appearance!

I am posting mostly to encourage sellers to add a little text. We have an awesome community, and, even going to shows, some of the best times we have is the communication, education, and interaction with vendors, other hobbyists, and our respected wise enthusiasts that happily share their experiences with us!

Keep it awesome!



I spend way too much time lurking the MM ads and I know the exact animal you’re talking about. I was blown away by that snake too.

I guess personally it didn’t bother me that there’s no description. But you do make a good point about how important marketing can be in the difference for making a sale or not. I’ll be selling my first snakes in the fall, so I appreciate your perspective on how I can make my future ads stand out!


I agree with a description. For me I enjoy reading what sellers put down. Shows me this seller is proud of their animals. They want me to know as much about it as I can. I really like that. A few words can really do wonders for a buyer. Helps the buyer connect with the animal, and the seller. Be proud of your animals show them off ,and tell us about them. Especially when you are offering a truly amazing animal have pride in it. There is to much competition out their to just be a plain jane. Do something to make yourself stand out something as simple as going the extra mile to write something about your animals for sale it can be as simple as that.


I am the opposite way probably because I hate the sales pitch/BS that most industries/businesses have trying to sell a product.

I let the snakes do the talking and to me a picture is worth a thousand words, and if people are interested they can always get the details than, if not and it is a turn off I am fine with it.


Some descriptions just come off as a sales pitch.


Some of your buyers are looking for a pet and have no interest in breeding, talk to those people too.

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I usually only add a description if there’s something to say. If the animal has an uncommon temperament, if I’m selling due to a change of plans, or if I think there might be an extra/unidentified gene involved I think it’s important to let people know.

When I sell an adult breeder I like to tell people how well they’ve produced for me. I’m proud of my snakes and I think it shows. Sometimes I mention the pairings for hets too, so people will know that I know my genetics.

But beyond that, I don’t think every snake needs a description. All of my babies are healthy and feeding. It would be boring if I put that in the description for each and every one of them.


I agree. The picture of it is right there. If you need to know more…ask. It is possible to be proud without leaving a description. If you want descriptions on everything, then go to eBay. They describe things a lot.

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I like to see something in the comments too. At bare minimum tell me something about the pairing, what it’s feeding on, an offer to provide additional pictures, etc.

Realistically I know that if you’re a big seller listing dozens of snakes, there isn’t something to say about every one. Just the same, as a buyer I want a little human touch. If two animals are similar in price/genes, the guy who told me about the animal’s quirk/personality/parentage/whatever is probably going to get my business.


I totally agree! I think the same thing whenever I see an ad without any content… I love reading about the specifics of the animal… And at a minimum the pairing that produced it.


Congratulations. I am working on my first pairing.

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I love when I see a little info about the snake. I don’t need a full background story, but I’d like to see what the pairing was or how often it’s feeding (and on what). I am more inclined to by from someone who does put a little more effort into the ad. Regardless if it’s a normal or not, it should still make you proud to post it up for sale. Maybe proud is not the right word, but it should mean a little something. Maybe that’s just me.

I almost bought a hognose snake SIMPLY for what the breeder put about the snake. Now, I know absolutely nothing about hognoses or what they are all about - but this was the funniest description I had ever read for animal in a long time, and it makes me (when I eventually breed) to showcase this sort of humor and good sport I am of the animals I am going to sell.

Here was the description:

This boy is THE most dramatic-I-play-dead baby I’ve ever produced. He does really play dead anymore, but still hates me with the fire of a thousand suns, and still eats only when he damn well wants to and how he damn well wants to. Most recently, he ate a live pinkie–I figure having a target for his boiling loathing encouraged the attack and consume instincts in him. His price is discounted to reflect this; note our feeding guarantee is waived here.

Has had 8 total meals to date. Produced from unrelated parents. Comes with care sheet, feeding troubleshooting guide, and our custom individualized animal care history sheet, detailing pedigree (including pics of the parents), all feeding records, shed records, weight, etc.


I’m more into if they have payment plans. Even though some are ridiculous. I mean, anything over $500. If you need a payment plan for a $300 snake, then what makes them think you can afford a $500 one? Or, anything over $1000. Then price everything at $999.

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While I enjoy seeing the snakes, I also want to know temperament.

From a Pet owner standpoint; Is this a snake I’m gonna need to work to handle? Or is it a sweetheart that will hang out with me as I play video games and fall asleep in my arms.

From a Breeder standpoint, I want to know about how many Times you’ve bred it and how well it has produced for you.

I enjoy that human touch. But I also understand when a Breeder doesn’t put a description for every snake.

Guess it’s just that preference.


@jngriffin I currently have 3 snakes on a payment plan, and one of them was $450.

I can easily pay right out for the $1700 in the three snakes I purchased, but I would have no way of taking care of them once they arrived since I am waiting on my rack system to be built and shipped to me. I personally reached out to each one, and put a deposit down for the snakes to show I was serious, but the two breeders I’m currently dealing with had no issue working with me. However, others had an issue with it. I even offered to pay up front on one particular snake I really really wanted - but the breeder wouldn’t work with me and unfortunately that’s sometimes the things you’re going to run into.


Some people have hundreds of animals to list - Sort of impractical to write up a story about each one :slight_smile:

A lot of people are probably bulk-updating their morphmarket inventory as well. I don’t think the bulk upload feature can parse a description from the text input.


The point is, not all are like that, and was using $500 as an example. But, either way, for every one with a ridiculous or no payment plan, there’s others with a good reasonable one. I only look at 30 day plans to make two payments. The 20-25% deposit to me doesn’t matter, I pay 50% anyway. To certain amounts I have to cuz I don’t have a money tree growing in my backyard to go pluck 100 dollar bills when I want.


great advise

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I love a wee description ,shows they care and are interested , I prfer buying from small private breeders anyway ,even if takes you 10 seconds a listing and you have 1000 snakes it wouldn’t even take 2 hours :joy: and you ain’t gonna do a 1000 at once so to say they don’t have time is pointless :joy: more like can’t be arsed which puts me off straight away .

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Not sure where to put this so please let me know if wrong place.
Maybe the right people can suggest that sellers actually put info about the animals listed.
I have passed on buying quite a few animals because the ad either has very generic info or none at all.
If I see an animal I like and I have to send a message to the seller and then wait for some very basic info it gets frustrating.
If you want my dollars then give info on what your selling.
Rant over.

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When I start breeding and selling I personally plan on giving a small description on feeding habits (if there’s a particular technique that works best for the snake), handability, and personality. I plan on selling towards people that want pets and not breeding stock. And as a pet owner people like to know the ends and outs of an individual snake and special care or what not of individuals. If a breeder wants one of my snakes then they will buy regardless.

It’s not a sales pitch but info I always ask when I am buying any animal. It’s info that if I knew up front I wouldnt have to “waste time” for the breeder or myself in asking/answering.

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