When to feed a shipped snake?

I am rather new and am wondering if you should maintain the snakes previous feeding schedule or wait then feed as normal. And if you should wait then how long?


It’s recommended to wait a week or two for the snake to settle in before offering food.

I do things a bit differently, and offer food as soon as the next feeding day comes up. Most of the time my new arrivals have taken without any issues, but again that’s what I do and while it works for me it isn’t what’s usually recommended.


Thank you for the info it is helpful :slightly_smiling_face:

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If you feed sooner than two weeks don’t be to aggressive with your fist feeding. If it dosnt seem interested backboff and wait a week. Also I wait till they are using their hide and I offer food at the entrance.

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The general rule of thumb is to wait a week or so before feeding. However I do feel it depends on the species of snake as well. A few of my hognose hatchlings ate the day of or within a day of coming home.

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I think the recommendation is usually to wait a week or so, however I offer food as soon as they seem interested and settled in. Of the last three I bought, one ate the night after she arrived and the other ate the following night and the other ate three days after arrival.

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So recommended to wait a week , can try earlier if they are adjusting well, but don’t panic if don’t eat right away if you do. This is helpful, is this the same for ones from shows or shops.

Depends on a lot of things, your actual experience as an owner, the species in question etc.

I usually feed everything within 24 hours why? Because making sure my animals eat for me is important now depending on the species my expectation will be different with a BP I would not be shocked if they don’t eat.

The most important is that the animal settles and is back in optimal temperature range (obviously you would not want to feed a snake you just received within the hour if it’s a core temp in the low 70’s)

Now what do I recommend to people is at least to wait 5 to 7 days with minimum interaction in between before offering food.