When to pair?

I have a female that’s over 1800 grams and a male that is just under 900 so size wise I believe they are good to go. Should I just start putting them together for a day or two then separate for a few days until I see a lock or two? Obviously this will be my first time breeding Ball Pythons. I bred my first Leopard Geckos earlier this year and it seemed like a piece of cake and I got very lucky with great results. Hoping for the same luck with my Ball Pythons but need to do as much as I can to put the odds in our favor. Btw, the pairing will be a 1.0 Banana Mojave Clown het Hypo to a 0.1 Mystic Potion. Thanks I’m advance for advice!

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Hello @twisted_by_design! Congrats on getting into your first season of breeding ball pythons. While your snakes are at a good weight, it really focuses on their age/maturity. I know from personal experience (just wrapped up my second season and it was still nerve wracking lol) that you just start to pair and see what happens. Unless you have a ultrasound or can palpate it’s really just letting nature take its course every month.

Personally, I leave my snakes in the tub for a minimum of 3 days. I pull them out after that if they aren’t still locked. However, everyone has their own method and it really will come down to what you like. You’ll get an understanding of it after your first pairing. Another thing that really helped me out when I first started (and still does) is this pictorial created by Markus Jayne. If you haven’t reviewed that yet I’d definitely recommend. It might answer some questions for you down the road. :slight_smile:


Thanks @akmorphs!!! I appreciate the help and you sharing the article by Markus. I’ll wait until the end of this month and start dropping temps and will then start pairing them up. I have a second female which would have been ready but she went off feed back in June. I do not want to breed her until she’s feeding again and gets back up to a healthy size again. She’s not in bad shape yet, just not ideal.