When your Crestie changes morphs

Now she’s not really changed morphs before anyone comments :sweat_smile:
But when I brought this girl along her her ‘mate’ last year, the morphs weren’t listed. Luckily the Male is a superstripe so was very happy, and she appeared to be an extreme, perfect!
Well I saw her fully fired for the first time last week since getting her. Very dark. She’s not an Extreme. She’s a bloody Bicolour Tiger, she’s got nice white spots either way…
Now I may of rethought the pairing if I’d seen her fully fired before hand! :joy: Oh well what’s done is done! This is her, not fully but getting there. Bloody hell Boo, you little bugger! :woman_facepalming:t2::roll_eyes:


I can definitely see the tiger, she is something I’m looking for lol if love to see a fired up pic of her! But I doubt she will comply?

Are you sure the super stripe is a super stripe seeing as she decided to be cheeky :grin:

Basically the stripes go dark grey, and she’s yellowish, especially down her back that’s very yellow!
But not sure about the pairing now so unsure if I’ll put her back with him, I have eggs due to hatch any day from her so I’ll see then! Nightmare :sweat_smile:
Maybe I’ll get more Tigers out then!

Haha yes thankfully, he’s always fired up! He’s hardly every fired down for some reason.

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She is pretty either way. I guess Tigers might not be as sought after as extremes but I think Tigers are still cool, esp this lady :star_struck:

I love the thin dark line down the middle of the back of a super stripe, it just looks so amazing

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