Where are our Senior reps at

I saw someone post a 15+ year old gecko and it was inspiring. As someone who hasn’t kept reptiles for a terribly long time it was awesome to see. So Let’s see some seniors. Show us your oldest reptile.


Mines Guapo, my 5 year old MBK.


This is our gray banded kingsnake, King Louis. He’s pushing 8 years old this summer.


I have two normal female ball pythons that are the same age that I got when I first started breeding BPs in 2015. They’re both 2003 snakes. Both are in perfect health and produce regularly.

I have a couple dozen ball pythons that are over 10 years old though. A lot of snake species should make 20 years plus. Some
MUCH longer. A 62 year old ball python laid eggs in 2020 or 2021 at the St. Louis zoo.


I have a bunch of leopard geckos that are turning 19 years old this year! Let me think… Pablo, Mew, Binky, Lucretia, and Veruca (all females- can’t find a pic of Veruca at the moment).


Mine would be my AMK(Arizona mountain kingsnake) Ammon. He is around 12-13 now. For reference the average lifespan for his species is 15-20 years. He is getting up there in age but is still full of energy and hunger. This spring I will have to get more outside pictures of him.


Kai is my old guy at almost 4 years old. Boas have pretty long lives if the my are well cared for, upwards of 27 years old for unbred males. The one thing that is a slight worry to me as he gets older is his nasal deformation and the humidity sensitivity that he appears to have due to that issue. I sometimes reflect on how long I could have Kai (or any boa that I will own) and it hits home when I think about having Kai from 15 and possibly still having him at 43.


That’s sick. I love the banded.


For real? 62. That’s wild


Great thread!

This is Phoebe, my KSB. She’s about 10 years old.

Granted, for a species that can live 30 or even 40+ years, she’s not that old, so we will hopefully still have many happy years (or decades) together. I’ve only had her for about a year. She’s a good little sausage. :heart:


Nice! My wife just got her first little sand boa a week ago. I had no idea they lived that long. That’s awesome


I love sand boas. I think they’re some of the most adorable creatures around, with their derpy little eyes and overbites. If you look at them from the right angle, they even have these goofy little smiles. :heart_eyes: And yeah, they’re quite long-lived!

Congrats to your wife on the new baby!

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I think my oldest here is Big Mama, she’s 8 this year roughly and still the best layer :sweat_smile:


The Big Man Casper Got him the year he was born: CB 2005 So he’ll be 17 this year? Proven many times over

This female Mountain Springs Rosy Boa is 15 years old. And huge.


My oldest corn snake is Artephius, whom I purchased in as an adult in 2009. He was hatched sometime between 2002-2006 so he’s somewhere between 16 and 20. I was over the moon to get him. He’s always been an absolute darling. When he goes outdoors, he usually comes back to me after some exploration.

The oldest whom I have raised is Tulip, who hatched in 2007, making her 15. She was one of a 1.3 group I selected as my first snake purchases. It took soooo long for her to grow up😄! She still insists on laying every year, whether I breed her or not. Both of these have spent time as classroom pets & done numerous educational events. I hope to have them for many more years.


Our beardies! They are both pushing 8 years old. Average lifespans are between 8-10 years (please correct me if I’m wrong!)

Because the boys were from Petsmart, I’m kind of unsure of how much longer they will be with us because of where they are from. Jasper is definitely slowing down. Java on the other hand, is constantly on the move.

Jasper burrito

Jasper again.

Java. He’s the reason we can’t have nice things.