Where are the wild type snakes?

I’ve been out of the hobby for about 12 years, but decided to get back into it this year. So much has changed. One of the biggest changes I’ve seen is the lack of basic wild type animals. Where are all the normal non het Western Hognose at?

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Welcome back!

Yep, a fairly natural trend as the number of morphs and possible combinations rises over time and the need for wild collecting declines. I’d also venture to guess that most of the “normals” you do find for sale will still have a chance of being het for something.

I do not know of anyone claiming to maintain a guaranteed-het-free-line but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Barring finding that, I think your only option would be to establish your own line from a WC group. Working to un-prove possible het animals or “normals” from a morph breeder would only result in you producing more hets!