Where can I find pvc panels

I want to build a custom enclosure as nothing on the market Matches what I want but I can’t find pvc panels to make it and no other materials that I know of can hold up to the humidity requirements of a emerald tree boa

Look for a distributor in your area, they’ll have the best prices more often than not. If none are near you look for sign companies in your area, they often will sell the material for a reasonable mark up. Lastly look at home depot. They sell 1/2" thick sheets (last I looked they were about $100 here). Some people will say this material isn’t going to hold up but they are wrong. I personally have built many from it and they’ve done great (bred many Boas in them) and a friend keeps retics in enclosures he built out of the sheets and they’re doing well for him.

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Could you provide a link to the Home Depot ones I just called my only local person and they want $500 for a 1/2 inch 4x8 sheet

Holy cr*p, that is insane. My guess is the employee is an idiot.

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I build custom PVC enclosures all the time and you can buy true half inch white PVC in 4x8 sheets by a company called Veranda from Home Depot but they do not carry it in every market. They have it close to me in Apex North Carolina and it sells for $98 a sheet right off the shelf. There’s also Plastics Distributors and there is one in my area called Piedmont plastics. They average about 125 to $140 a sheet but they will cut it down in their CNC machine to your measurements. I’ve been buying PVC and building tanks for some time now and anyone who is charging more than 150 for a sheet of white or more than 180 for a sheet of black is robbing you and that is with current inflation. Two years ago I could get sheets all day long for $100 in white and 120 in black and that included up to 10 free cuts per sheet. That is also a per piece price and if you buy it in bulk it is a lot cheaper. They do not carry it on the Shelf at the Home Depot in my town but they have it at the Home Depot 1 hour away so I pick it up from that location. I hear guys all the time say they pay $250 to $350 for a sheet of PVC and I don’t know where they’re getting their stock from but you can find it much cheaper if you know where to look.