Where can I source these boxes?

I see these boxes at my local exotics shop. Where can I source them? I’ve found some on ebay, but they’re like 12 bucks each.

Anyone know the secret source?


Do you have a picture? “Boxes” is kind of generalized.

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Ha!! Yeah, long day. I meant to include that…

You can do kind of the same idea with Tupperware bins or plastic shoeboxes from eBay.

They are not exactly like that but here are a few different options

This one

That one

My personal favorite

I also love this one!

Thank you. I’m looking for options that can double as hatchling boxes and displays for vending.

Do you use any of those for hatchling tubs?

No I don’t have any hatchlings as of right now because I’m not a breeder yet. But, when I do have hatchlings, yes, the last two options seem the best of both worlds. The last one, you wouldn’t have to put holes into it for ventilation, but that mean you lose the control of how much humidity you have.

I personally would go with option three, due to it appearing to be hard plastic. I don’t know but it just speaks stability to me. :grin:

Those are all just a little bit too big, and just not what I’m after. I think they will be great options, but I have a very specific thought in mind. Not mention a hatchling rack I’ve already built to dimensions that will not work with these.

I have practical hatchling box options- the usual sterilite tubs. I’m looking for these with the clear display that you can see through the top and front. Very useful vending containers.

Those are European made tubs and the brand name is BraPlast ,I suspect you’d need to import them in bulk to get the best poss prices , hope this helps


Thank you from me :heart:

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I agree, they look similar to braplast. We have braplast here in UK.

Great for transporting, not sure I’d keep reptiles in them but they might be good for expos

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As above, they are called braplast tubs, a European brand, they come in a 1.3L and 3L size (about 6"*4"*3" and 10"*6"*3" if I remember correctly) they’re usually used as either expo displays or transport containers. As for use as a hatchling box it would depend on the species, they’re great for stuff like colubrids but I think they’re too small for something like a ball python.


I found them at the Daytona show today!! For anyone interested they are available through www.petsuppliesunited.com H4 box is their product code for the hatchling size I was hunting.


Those ones actually look slightly sturdier than the ones we have here, just with the same lid.
For reference, the ones we get in Europe are in the following link, they are the bottom 6 options that have product codes starting with BRA.